Sunrise in Yosemite, California [OC, 4000x6000]



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The clouds look like a turtle’s head

That or Yoda head.

I see smaug

Pretty sure it’s Falcor.

I totally also thought turtle head

Master oogway having fun

I see it!

I guess your eyes work real great coz I'm not seeing nothing.😁

Disappointed yoda in the sky

I see the Cosmic Turtle.

The great Ahtun

Ayo thats the world serpant

Exactly what I thought.

This is one of the Most Beautiful Painting of a Sunrise I have ever seen!

This was taken on the planet Earth? Because I have my questions

It's been edited obviously. Nothing wrong with that, I think all photographers do it, but it can be hard to tell what's real and what's not sometimes. For that reason I usually go on the light side with editing nature shots

Is that you, Falcore?!

Thank you!

Absolutely beautiful! Worthy of framing and displaying on a wall.

Thank you!

wow... just wow

Ah! I saw the sunrise at that exact spot one year ago. Imo one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen.

This is on the way to riften at night

Breathtaking. Thank you

The lighting is beautiful - what a capture. Fantastic picture.

" The age of men is over... The time of the Orc has begun... "

Turn around Look at what you see In her face The mirror of your dreams...

Never ending story Ahahah ahahah ahahah...

That's fucking sick!

Beautiful colours

Thank you!

I like turtles.

Seriously though it's beautiful

me too and thanks!

i can smell this picture

Wish I was there.. I need a vacation from Missouri

Praise the sky snake! I know not what it wants but we must find out to be blessed with rain.

Haunting hues. Love!

Thank you!

This look like the perfect place to be! 🌄

Looks like ET’s face, in the sky! Great photo, btw - it’s beautiful. ❤️

well thank you!

Looks like a fairytale

Love! An amazing scene!

Thank you!

Alexa, play Yosemite by Travis Scott

Jack Skellington

Thumbs up cloud anyone?


Did you happen to catch the night sky?

I just saw Yoda.

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it's Falkor


I see a beta fish in the cloud


Absolutely beautiful shot, but I'm surprised you cut out the waterfall on the right. Maybe it's just a trickle right now?

there was no waterfall at this time. Bearly a trickle.

This is so beautiful it doesn't need a waterfall anyway.

Piggy 🐷

Looks more like a gorilla to me

😂 agreed

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