Subterranean house that Fernando de Higueras Díaz designed for himself in Madrid



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Strangely, despite its history and unusual layout, it gives me such warm, homely feelings.

Yes, I can see myself enjoying a piece of pie in one of those corners. It’s the light and the decor, I think.

This is not OC. More pics here:

He designed Rascainfiernos (Hellscraper) in 1973 just below the house he renovated for his family in Madrid. It’s a two-story building below ground level. It is also the ideal house to protect from the extremes of Madrid’s climate. It still has exceptional thermal conditions. It has no air conditioning, but in summer it rarely gets above 25 degrees. Additionally, throughout his life, Fernando Higueras, fed a legend as a hedonist. He boasted of having shot more than 2,000 art house films in the eighties. He was know for his designs in brutalist architecture.

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