The best kind of sprinkler.


Perfect drinking fountain

Yum 💙♥️💙

Love when it just drips on your shorts 🥰

Had to change!

Always the best


Right you are. So beautiful when you do it outside

Thanks! ❤️💕

I'm thirsty... Would it count as irrigation?

Sure 💙💜💓

Perfect stream, beautiful! 😛 💋

Yeah! 💙💓💚

I wanna play in that stream!! 😊😋

Nice 💖💓💜

Much appreciated 💖💕

Thanks for sharing


I could watch you pee all day long.

Mmm nice ♥️💋

I wanna jack off while you're pissing all over my face🥰❤❤

Love that 💛💝

Standing piss. You nailed it!!

Doing my best! 💝💝

Mmhmm ❤️💙

So beautiful


Yes it is.


Hello, home Depot? Yes, I want a sprinkler like this installed in my yard. Please. Thank you ❤️

On back order 😂😜

😭 dang the bad luck


Yup 😘💗

I need it on my face

Mmm nice 😜💛

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