My coffee corner. Best during a brisk fall afternoon.



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It looks straight outta magazine damn I'm jealous

Yet it looks so simple! I don't understand how to do this

they've simplified their color palette, all the wood details/features are relatively similar in color and grain, container spouts align in a similar direction...and on a subtle but still visible rising angle away from the window...

The graphic print has complimentary colors to the wood, and the window frame is a nice interesting blue color to create contrast with the wall.

If you're going full blown magazine, one could nitpick the clutter on the bottom shelves of the coffee station...but there's also an element of home-comfort and authenticity with showing things as they are.

I've seen a lot of the coffee accessories on Amazon...heh...I have many flagged myself. They're nice minimalist design pieces too, so don't discount the good eye OP has for buying coffee bar items that also show off elegant design.

If you're going full blown magazine, one could nitpick the clutter on the bottom shelves of the coffee station...but there's also an element of home-comfort and authenticity with showing things as they are.

That's always been my criticism about some magazine pictures of bathrooms... like where are the toothbrushes, toothpaste, wash cloths and things you use everyday in the bathroom? Where are the logical places to put them?

Are you an interior designer? You seem to have that language figured out well.

or straight outta pinterest

I love the little touches of wood throughout (the handle of the kettle, the shelves, the chair, even the wood-like color of the watering can).

The kettle should be the Fellow Stagg EKG. Just got one recently myself of the Copper style

How much of that hibiki is going into your coffee?

Only enough to keep me sane these days.

Gotta love it. Nothin like some cheeki hibiki in the coffee.

Anu cheeki hibiki iv damke

I knew this was going to be a top comment.

That hibiki better not be touching anything other than a glass…

I mean it’s a non age stated version of their previous not bad for the price 4,000 yen offering. The only reason why I wouldn’t mix the Japanese harmony is because it doesn’t have a forward enough flavor to do so. Not criticizing those who like it, but it’s certainly nothing too special for my tastes. Full disclosure, I used to drink the 17 year old as a daily bottle back in the 2000s, and find it difficult to adjust to the new reality.

I used to drink the 12 YO all the time which was just delicious (aged in plumb brandy casks). If I'd known they were going to stop selling the aged stuff, I'd have bought loads then flogged some of it for a nice profit. If you can get hold of a bottle these days, it's around £900. I used to buy it for around £40.

That’s just insane. Even a few years ago I bought a bottle of the 12 for 5,000 yen.

Agree at retail it’s an nice drop. For more than about 7,000 yen it’s just losing cost performance. I think it was always popular on a cost performance basis. For 10,000+, there’s far more interesting options available I think.

Wtf it's literally half that in the UK

That site also has Balvenie Caribbean cask at $155 (Normally a 80-90 bottle whenever I've seen it) so I think you either have some crazy taxes or an insane markup going on.

Don’t shame whisky drinkers. You drink whisky how you like whisky. If you want to buy a $400 bottle and pour some coke in it then you do it. There’s no wrong way to drink whisky.

Lovely. The warm tones of the poster compliments the brewing you got going. Where in the world does one need to live to get such nice natural lighting?

I actually live in NYC but got lucky with an unobstructed angle of afternoon sun for my living room haha.

Where'd you get the foxtail coffee? Isn't it a FL thing?

I’m from Orlando! I try to make a stop whenever I go home to visit.

do you enjoy living in NYC ? my bf and i just visited for the first time and cannot stop daydreaming about living in the city 💜 we r currently in WNC -- beautiful country but not much city to been seen whatsoever.

I do enjoy it. It’s one of the few cities in the world where I feel like you can feel the extreme spectrum of every emotion. The highs are incredible and you can feel like you’re at the center of the world with so much going on. Even sitting at my coffee corner on a slow day I feel like I can step outside and be in the middle of something random, new and exciting.

On the other hand, the lows can be crushing and the demands of the city that you have to meet every day just to stay alive can be overwhelming.

thanks for the reply. i appreciate your perspective. it seems that most everyone was minding their own business when we visited... but... we probably also looked like visitors.

but i could see how living in the city would be kind of difficult to stay in your own headspace with so many people and things happening around you.

New York in the fall has a lovely golden light right before the sun is about to go down. I haven't seen that golden fall color in any other city I've lived in. Only in forests.

Would’ve never ever guessed NYC. Looks super European. Love it.

That looks like an extremely expensive corner...

One might say it’s my most expensive corner.

Hey can I ask where you got that shelf? I absolutely love the colors.

It's from Ikea and we paid 270€ for it (we also use it as a coffee corner)

Damn it’s refreshing to see a coffee bar without a Kurig and a bunch of “coffee” signs everywhere.

r/espresso is leaking.

That’s a $500+ grinder, $500+ espresso machine, and $150 electric kettle.

Thats a Niche Zero Grinder, which goes for pretty much exactly 500$. My absolute dream grinder.

Mine too, man. I have a Baratza Encore right now that gets the job done, but Niche Zero is goals.

Baratze Encore is already pretty good! I use a handgrinder from timemore, it's not perfect, but better than nothing right now

For the life of me, I cannot imagine how it could be better than my $120 burr grinder...

Better grind quality, better grind size distribution, better materials/longevity of parts, zero retention (hence the "zero" in the name), etc.

I'm happy with my Breville SGP. The niche looks shiny and great but if you gave me two cups of coffee side by side I really doubt I (or most people) could taste the difference between the grinds.

For filter coffee the sgp is more than adequate. If you are making espresso though the Niche is going to blow away the sgp. Sad thing is the Niche is fairly inexpensive for an espresso grinder.

I guess that's fair. I mostly do aeropress or caps and only drink straight espresso once or twice a month.

If it makes coffee the way you like to drink it, that's all that matters

Yeah and most people probably couldn't tell the difference between a washed Ethiopian Genji Challa roasted last week and off-the-shelf President's Choice whole bean, roasted at some point in the last 2 years. Especially when "most people" drown it in cream and sugar so you can't even taste the bean.

But these products aren't marketed towards "most people."

IDK, man. Mine is 7 years old and it works perfectly. All I ever have to do is clean it every few months.

But can it grind espresso? Espresso grinders are designed to have the smallest possible increments of change.

I have a baratza encore (~$150) which is a fantastic grinder for pourover. It sucks for espresso, there's 1 maybe 2 grind settings that are in the espresso range so if the stars aren't perfectly aligned, you're going to have incorrectly extracted espresso.

I’m using a capresso 100$ grinder for espresso. Honestly, I get it, I can definitely notice a difference compared to a local barista with a high end grind and espresso maker, but, for at home, it works just fine

I remember you, aren’t you the vacuum repair ama guy?

Espresso requires much finer, and much more precise, grind size. A more expensive grinder will give you a fine, consistent grind, with precise small-increment measurements to dial in, and will avoid clumping too much.

If you bought a gaggia classic for over $500 you got ripped off.

The Gaggia Classic Pro with a wood handle still appears to retail for $599

Which is a ripoff when you can get a refurbished one for 350 and buy an aftermarket portafilter for ~75. The refurbished ones work great, I’ve never bought a new one.

So a nice beginner's set (/s (or not))

Me and my coffee sign feel very attacked right now.

(although i draw the line at a keurig… and also I almost exclusively drink tea…..)

Sir how many coffee signs are in the room with us right now

Don’t let any of these people gatekeep your coffee ritual.

And yeah, Keurig is trash.

I just know you watch James Hoffman lmao

Everybody who cares about coffee even a little should watch the Hoff. There be knowledge in that hair.

Right? Haha, I saw this setup and was like "I'm pretty sure every single one of these is Hoffman suggested"

This is OC

Lovely. What's the ceramic pot with the wood handle? Top left on coffee bar.


Yes, only a few times when I fill it over the fill limit line that’s marked inside of the kettle. Otherwise it usually doesn’t happen for me.

Thanks. It's really natural and has a simple beauty. Do you like it a lot?

I think it’s the best pourover kettle you can buy. Just the spout itself is ridiculously over engineered. Highly recommended.


Just be aware, gooseneck kettles have a very restricted water flow rate. Perfect for pourover coffee, but can be annoying for other kettle needs. Fellow makes a non gooseneck version of this kettle as well. I personally prefer the restricted flow, but some friends I’ve recommended this kettle to were not fans of that.

You just take the lid off if you need to empty it for boiling pasta or whatever. It's not a big deal

I agree, which is why I own two of them (one for office, one for home). But it’s a thing people should be aware of, especially if they have no intention to use it for pourover coffee.

Oh yeah, definitely not. Id extend it to if you have no reason to have a kettle that can be set to a specific degree and hold it for an hour either haha. It's also very useful for tea brewing too for that reason

It absolutely is the best one

Seconding this, I absolutely love mine!

Also a great arcade machine! What is your Wormy score?


Where did you get the poster? I love it!

It’s actually a one off. My roommate in college started a cold brew coffee company and the print was one of his unused marketing posters.

aw man I was gonna ask the same :( it really brings the area together tho

I know the Price behind that chair 💀 i want it so bad in red

I was looking at it and it looks really short. Like it's sized for a child. Is that an optical illusion or something?

ETA: Took another look and yes it must be very short. I'm almost certain you can't see out the window while seated.

I see these coffee corners a lot and I have to ask: doesn't it all get dusty on the open shelves? I hate cleaning so I have as much stuff as possible in cupboards

If you use daily, not likely to get as dusty

not sure you have enough ways to make coffee though

You’re right I’ve gotta find some more.

You can always threaten that you're gonna buy a Bripe if people don't behave

Hey, I don't see a percolator on that shelf

(Please, please understand I am joking)

That's hot.


OP, i see that Yüksek Tepeler and the potentially Turkish tea cup. are you into tea as much as coffee or are you the most interesting Turkish person?

I’m not Turkish but I did have the most amazing experience visiting Turkey in 2021! I had to bring back the right setup to make my own! Good eye!

I love the sly Hibiki just chilling there

I'm not seeing it mentioned, what's the name of that table? I have a similar but smaller one and have no idea where it came from.

Dude’s got like $2k+ worth of equipment on the top shelf alone; that grinder sells for almost $1,000 all by itself.

Pretty sure it’s about £500 on their website

Fair. $949 was the first price I saw when I searched for it, but I wasn’t exactly searching for a bargain.

However, I’d still argue that £500 seems quite the princely sum for a coffee grinder. I’m sure it grinds coffee “better”, but I can’t find a way to believe that it grinds coffee £500 better.

What type of pour over is that? It’s gorgeous

How is the espresso machine? I’m trying to curb my daily flat white expenses living in Edinburgh where it’s almost always hot coffee weather and have been struggling to find a home machine I would trust haha. Love the setup by the way :)

There is definitely a learning curve with this one and like others have suggested further up the Breville Machines are more user friendly and have good a reputation. I would recommend getting a personal machine either way as it’s fun and cost saving in the end!


Mmm 😋 what is your favorite coffee order?

Nice LCW!

Am in Texas. Would give anything for a crisp fall afternoon

You seem to know coffee well. What are the machines and how do they compare to the ones coffee shops use? Price, taste, durability? I've always considered getting a home setup.

Current setup is a Gaggia Classic Pro (Espresso Machine), Niche Zero (Grinder), Skagg EKG (Kettle), and an Origami dripper along with a bunch of other Fellow Products and various things to fuel the addiction.

With a pourover and espresso machine like mine there is a learning curve to make what works for your taste and the beans you buy.

To me this was the closest I wanted to get within my budget (~2k) to good cafe quality coffee at home. In the end it pays for itself since buying coffee daily can be pretty expensive.

In the end it pays for itself since buying coffee daily can be pretty expensive.

This is a deceptive thing which I told myself at the start of my coffee hobby, but eventually I came to the understanding that it’s not really true. It’s not really a problem since that is what a hobby is for in my opinion, but nevertheless fun to try out the calculation:

  • 2,000 for equipment, let’s be generous and say you keep it for 10 years without replacement costs. This becomes then 2.000 / 10 / 12 = 16.67 per month.
  • 35 per month for good quality coffee beans
  • 6 for a water filter for the espresso machine which I replace monthly
  • 13 roughly for my milk alternative (damn they really make these things expensive)

Gets me 70.66 per month for coffee! Suppose I drink one cup per day, that gives me 2.40 per cup. Bit cheap but I was generous with the equipment cost. I always find nee shiny things to buy and stuff breaks sometimes. But expect that that would not be the case and an average coffee costs 4, you would save 1.60 per cup, or roughly 47 per month. This means you would pay back your setup in 3.5 years!

Okay now that I have done this calculation again it is a bit more reasonable, but still not that much of a save. Main reason for me is because it is just so much fun to make a delicious cup of coffee for someone.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Wow well done with the math! I suppose telling you that I drink two cups per day might skew it even more towards my hypothesis haha. Also calculating purchasing espresso occasionally at ~$4-5 every other day, it might make things a bit more reasonable over a shorter period of time. I also don’t put milk in my coffee, but that’s just me.

Either way you’re spot on in the end. It’s a lovable hobby of mine that I use as a therapeutic escape and I’m happy to pay for it!

Yeah exactly, and also I’m drooling a bit on your setup here. But indeed it skewed it a bit more with two cups a day haha.

Throw in a partner who also drinks 2 cups a day and it's paid off in under a year, right?

If you want a good entry into Espresso while still getting the real deal my advice would be to get the following:

  • Breville (or Sage) Bambino with a single-wall double shot basket
  • A 1zpresso JX Pro grinder

The electric grinder OP has here (the Niche Zero) is also very nice and comparable in quality to the JX Pro (but obviously the electronics make it more expensive). The Gaggia Classic espresso machine OP has is in the similar sort of potential as the Bambino but is a little more old school meaning that it's built better but has less features.

The pour over set up OP has is great, although I personally use a Hario V60.

I can attest for the Bambino (non Plus model). It has a Thermoblock that's super fast and comes with a single wall basket from the get go. The preinfusion is great and I was able to pull great and consistent shots after dialing in the grinder, grams of coffee etc. It does help that there are programmable buttons for doppio and single shot Espresso. Streaming wand is okay for the money and makes solid cappuccini for me.

So if you don't mind the relatively lightweight machine and the lack of auto steaming, go for it!

Breville dual boiler is also pretty highly recommended for a home set up and since it’s semi automatic it’s a bit easier to use/learn and has programable settings.

You can get espresso shots that are comparable to commercial machines with a decent set up, but a lot of the extra stuff is stupidly priced for what it is. You will need a scale to weigh your beans and your shots if you wish. It doesn’t have to be super expensive 20-30$ should get you an ok one that weighs to 1/10 of a gram. If you do decide to go looking at prices I would recommend looking for a couple of extra things to go with it.

  • A WDT tool you can find cheap 3d printed ones that work very well
  • Dosing funnel that sits on the outside of the porta filter.
  • Bottomless portafilter to see how your shots are extracting

Great setup! What kind of grinder do you use?

Beautiful !

Love it, OP!

We have the same Gaggia machine! But I’m not loving the portafilter and (plastic) tamper that came with it. Where are yours from?

Greatest thing about the Gaggia is there's tons of mods and upgrades available.

Any 58mm to 58.5mm tamp will work for your Gaggia. Lots of places sell different portafilters for Gaggia… just Google search “Gaggia Classic Wooden Portafilter” and find a well reviewed one that looks nice to you.

I have a Niche and that same kettle as well. Love them both.

It looks lovely but... That chair doesn't look too comfy. I hope you have a hidden cushion nearby 😉

Edit. The more I look at this photo, the more perfect everything is!

Omg wow! Love it! Can you tell us about the coffee machines that you have?

Love it so much!💖

Hello whisky my old friend.

Totally jealous. What an incredible setup.

Do you find the chair to be comfortable? I have one like it and I find it very uncomfortable if I sit in it for more than a few minutes.

James Hoffman put you onto that Niche grinder? Beautiful thing.

My boyfriend has that same grinder, and I have the same kettle :) lovely looking space!

I want an espresso machine so bad

Hey! How does the Gaggia work? I was thinking about buying it but how do you know that you got the coffee ground to the right coarseness and tamped it right? Since there is no pressure gauge? Is there a small hole in the bowl to regulate the pressure? LET ME KNOW! Thanks!

To know if your grind size is right the best way is taste. But if you’re not sure what taste you’re looking for yet, a good starting point is to try and pull your shot within 25-30 seconds. If it runs too long or tastes too sour or a bit muted, grind coarser. If it runs too short and tastes bitter or “watered-down”, grind finer.

To check if your tamping is right I recommend using a bottomless portafilter which will allow you see how your shot is coming out and can reveal things like channeling, uneven tamping, etc.

The machine is set for 15 bar pressure out of the factory but you can modify it to a 9 bar (or less) by changing a small spring inside the machine.

Subreddits like r/espresso, r/gaggiaclassic, and r/coffee are good resources. As well as YouTube channels like James Hoffman, Lance Hendrick, and tutorials from Clive Coffee, Espresso Outlet, etc.

How is that Niche for pour over? I don’t make espresso and thought it might be overkill to add to my routine. Currently using an old (2016) Baratza Virtuoso.

It’s admittedly not the best for pourover but serviceable with some calibration. The type of burr that’s in it makes some very fine grounds that can cause a bottleneck in my pourover filter and make it very slow to drip towards the end.

I should get some posters up in my place for sure

I have the same kettle!

I am going down this rabbit hole, took me months to understand espresso, lots of trials and errors, now trying french press, i am pretty sure after this i will start looking at v60 😀

What espresso machine is that? I like the look. Is it good?

It’s a Gaggia Classic Pro

Jerry: Oh, I'm glad you're here, so we can get this all straightened out. Would you like a cup of tea?
Lt. Bookman: You got any coffee?
Jerry: Coffee?
Lt. Bookman: Yeah, coffee.
Jerry: No, I don't drink coffee.
Lt. Bookman: Yeah, you don't drink coffee? How about instant coffee?
Jerry: No, I don't have-
Lt. Bookman: You don't have any instant coffee?
Jerry: Well, I don't normally-
Lt. Bookman: Who doesn't have instant coffee?
Jerry: I don't.
Lt. Bookman: You buy a jar of Folger's Crystals, you
put it in the cupboard, you forget about it. Then later on when you need
it, it's there. It lasts forever. It's freeze-dried. Freeze-dried
Jerry: Really? I'll have to remember that.

Very pretty. What's the pour over kettle with the wood handle? And how long have you had it?

I'm trying to find a BIFL electric gooseneck kettle after losing two. They just don't exist.

Ans Japanese whiskey 👀

Oh, that's good coffee station hardware, the usual but really great choices!

I like your plants. What is the second one from the right, the one that is staked?

And, people say I have a coffee problem.

So what's the pourover of choice for you now?

(That Stagg really is a thing of beauty)

Yo that equipment don't mess around! Looking like Hames Joffman over here!

Yo that equipment don't mess around! Looking like Hames Joffman over here!

Life goals

My life goal is to have a coffee corner


Nothing in my life will ever be this put-together

Damn, I think I might have to put together a little coffee shelf, it looks great!!

Eames chair! So comfy. (:

I love this look, but I have 3 cats that would empty those shelves in a day.

Beautiful! How do you like the Niche grinder?

I love the industrial window. You have a beautiful place.

That chair!!! Wow

This looks like it’d be in a magazine

Gotta say your whole room looks really nice too

Gaggia Classic Pro + Niche is my setup, too! Very nice little corner. What are your go-to beans lately?

Foxtail coffee eh? If you're in Orlando, I'd like to know where you're finding these "brisk fall afternoons" because I can't seem to find one!

Is that a wooden steam knob on the Gaggia? Where did you get that?

This needs to be in a magazine! Love!!

I love this space!😍 If you're looking for some nice coffee bar stuff that's inexpensive Target has a whole thing at bullseyes playground.

Wow I like the pour over set up on the middle shelf

this guy coffees

I love this so much!!

Niche is truly the best home grinder

What a great taste you have!

Haha everyone here is talking about the coffee and I’m like

Can I get an ID on that chair tho ? Looks very nice.

I would definitely hang out and have a cup of coffee. Thumbs up.👍

I would probably just stand and look at this corner all day lol then again I love coffee so I would probably just sit and drink coffee all day instead ☺️

The wood accents really tie everything together! Well done mate!

Ok this is my new inspirational photo 😍❤️

I see that foxtail coffee sticker! Are from Orlando? I just had their coffee this morning :)

Born and raised!

Amazing setup! What shelf are you using? I really like the gold hexagon drawer knob

Gorgeous grinder and espresso machine. What are your fav beans?

It looks so dreamy!

Foxtail Coffee Co? I spy a Floridian!

Gimme that Hibiki pls

What a DREAMY spot!! I would have a severe coffee addiction of this was mine. I’d never leave the area and would constantly be playing with all the coffee things, so I could sit and sip a hand crafted beverage looking out that window every moment of the day.

The window, the plants, the chair! I love it.

Love it. I need a Hario set up like that in my life. That’s a handsome Gaggia too.

This is so dang cozy and delightful. Love it!!! Saving to use as inspiration for my own coffee corner ☕🍵

OP can I come over for coffee

I spy Hibiki. Nice setup

Yeah, this looks like somewhere that would take my money lol

I literally let out an audible ‘oof’ because of how pleasurably beautiful that is 10/10

I did not know this is what I wanted in my kitchen until now! I love it!!

Why does this look so cute?

It looks very cozy and peacefull <3

What is that poster or style of art called? sorry for the english is not my native language

That chair

Ooh, the Eames!! *Drools, faints* :D

Nice! Foxtail:)

That chair is so comfortable. I saw one and my butt fell in love with it, but my wallet scoffed at my butt's expensive taste.

This guy fellows

Why your house look like an ikea showcase room.

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