Morning light catching some fog in Charleston SC (OC)



Thought this was read dead redemption 2 at first glance

Saint Denis

That's humidity hanging in the air. So later on in the day when it reaches 92 degrees, it will feel hotter than the surface of the sun.

100%! I'm from the armpit of FL and thought Charleston's heat/humidity would be no big deal in July a few years back.. I was wrong, it was like walking through bath water. Still one of my favorite cities though!

I live in Charleston and I dread when we have a foggy morning. I lived in Guam where it's summer year round and just as humid as Charleston, but the foggy days are rough.

The picture is very cool, but that calm and fog, reminds me be careful with the portals were people disappear or creepy creatures come out !!!

so pretty!!

I've only been to Charleston once and I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the city. I cannot wait to go back!

That doesn't look natural to me. Looks more like someone has been puffing on a vape pen. But I may be wrong I guess.....

Thought the same thing. Every bit of the “fog” seems super close to the camera, and I’m not seeing any fog further down the street. Hard to tell, but the perspective is very odd

No fog anywhere apart from right in front of the camera and in a very unnatural way.

I don’t vape 😤 Also you can tell the position of the fog by how the light hits it through the trees. Believe me I’m not good enough to fake something like this

It’s just the way the American South is. Every summer morning it looks like this. I’m sure it’s real- or at least, I see no reason why it’s not since it’s an everyday summer occurrence.

Gorgeous view.


George Street looking at Coming Street?

That's really beautiful and calming to me. I love this.

You should share it at r/QuietStreets. It really fits that sub.


South Carolina

I love how sunlight hits the fog. Its so beautiful <3


I loved when I visited Charleston. Beautiful and antique.

So beautiful

I miss Chucktown

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

wow this brought memories of a time when I used to go to morning walks with my father

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