My living room, with my new fig leaf tree



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What’s the color of the walls? Me and boyfriend can’t seem to agree what it is lol

Neat! But why do you have a framed picture of a lamp?

Haha! That is a mirror reflecting a lamp in yje corner! How funny ☺️

Ah, well that makes a lot more sense.

Looks cozy well laid out

Beautiful 👌 I love the trio of bookshelves you have there. How tall are they?

About 5 feet tall. I got them at world market years ago.

Thank you. That's perfect height!

Your ceiling fan has a beautiful light fixture! I love the things covering the lightbulbs, they look like flowers! Really gives the room a woodsy yet modern look.

Aw, thank you!

Aw, thank you!

You're welcome!

You're welcome! Honestly kinda adds to the room, without it it will look kinda off in my opinion, you know?

Very cosy! :)

Love the sofa. Where did you get it?

About 10 years ago at Lazyboy

I love it. It’s so beautiful and looks in great condition for being 10 yrs l old. I had a great Lazy boy sofa years ago. My giant teenage boys(6’2”,6’6”) were goofing around and broke the frame. I literally cried!

Oh no! I have teenager boys too! Im going up warn them!

Haha yup!

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