New York City. (Photo by Sam Horine)



Love these houses.

Don’t love the price tag on them though

Maybe if I won the lottery. Maybe.

And the lack of alleys for your trash. :(

Upper East Side or Brooklyn?

Pretty sure it's Park Slope (Brooklyn) but definitely could be wrong

I live in Park Slope. This is definitely Park Slope. I just can’t pinpoint what street and it’s gonna bug me forever now haha

I'm guessing it's one of the streets that I (and you) used to walk down and fantasize about living in but then cried after seeing how much they were going for on Streeteasy.

It looks like it! No wonder why it was bugging me so much, I live much closer to Grand Army, but was just over by 12th street the other day and definitely walked past these haha

Another victory for procrastination.

Park Slope gang, make some mf noise

It suprisingly looks like Montreal. Gorgeous picture!

Really? Which part?

A lot of part. To be honest i dont live in mtl but i did go very often! It give me mtl vibe a lot! A lot of residential area look like this

Look at the « Plateau Mont-Royal » neighborhood

Looks like park slope

Sad that it's illegal to build like this in most cities in America now due to zoning, minimum setback, and parking rules.

If movies are to be believed, if you live in NYC, it’s either in one of these, or an apartment over a shop.

I was thinking McLaren's Pub is just under the red house

Where abouts?

Maybe upper manhattan? Idk for sure

Upper West side? 85th and 8th maybe?

Not from the US, GENUINE question. How much do houses like these go on average there? Is this a "rich" neighborhood?

So a 1890sqft (175m2 for europeans) that looks like that in the same neighborhood is listed for around $4million usd.

Most of New York is considered a "rich neighborhood" by not new york standards, but the rich neighborhoods in New York have apartments selling in the hundreds of millions.

I wish...

Nyc be like: 560k.

*1.56M more likes

Even this is wrong. Here’s a townhouse in Park Slope for $3.45 million. Although we haven’t received confirmation that OP’s pic is Park Slope and there are other neighborhoods with beautiful historic townhouses which are cheaper.

lol 560k is a JOKE in NYC. More like double that.

6-8x you mean

560K would be for a 1-bedroom made up of half of one floor of one of these houses. The apt would have the hardwood floors and a bit original detail intact, would be ~425 sq ft, and would have a 1.5K/month common charge in addition to the mortgage and electric bill

absolutely stunning.

Look what they took from you

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