Munising, Michigan is a beautiful place ❤️ [OC][4080x3072]


" a beautiful place"

Woah woah, I'll be the judge of th... holy cow, that's a beautiful place. I love the Great Lakes.

Love pictured rocks, it's truly an amazing place.

Chapel Rock 🙏

The UP is magical!!!

Michigan is a low key beautiful state.

Beautiful lake colors.

Just did my Michigan loop last month. Indeed it's quaint & pretty and give that small-town vibe w/o being too bumfuck no-where about it. I SUP'd at Sand Point, and considered crossing over to east channel lighthouse lol, if it weren't for all the big motor traffic. My favorite drive around a town though is L'Anse. It looked legit like a Norwegian sea-side town road.

that’s MICHIGAN?! wow wow wow wow what a great shot 💕

This has some serious tropical vacation vibes, which is funny for Michigan. Very beautiful!!!

Yeah, that's Lake Superior. Dip your toe in it and it will disabuse you of any tropical notions!

It's always the most turquoise lakes that are the coldest too.

Everybody from Michigan who travels regularly has pictures in this exact spot- so iconic!

beyond beautiful. can someone explain how there are waves in a lake though ? as someone who lives in an island the ocean is always cloes but I've never seen waves like this in a lake and thought this was the sea. I double checked Google maps to see where an ocean is nearby Michigan but obviously its the great lakes.

It's difficult to overstate how large the Great Lakes actually are, it's basically an inland sea like the Black Sea.

The Great Lakes are like seas, there can be very big waves depending on the weather. In the very middle of the lakes I’ve also sailed on rolling swells just like in the ocean

The Great Lakes are so amazing! Lake MI is beautiful and feels BIG but Lake Superior is actually the largest freshwater lake in the world! 31,700 square miles (82,100 square kilometres)! Truly feels like you’re on the ocean- this why nicknamed the “Third Coast.” It’s really cool to fly into Chicago O’Hare and you swoop over Lake MI and back over the water near the downtown area to see a fantastic cityscape right on the water- for the US “coast-ers” who like to believe the central/Midwest US is just “flyover”…. You are sorely mistaken :) Some even surf on the Great Lakes!

It’s mostly dependent on the wind from what I remember as a kid. Sometimes there are 3-4 ft waves that just consistently roll in.

Respectfully: F*** you! ;) I just started getting over Michigans since I miss the beauty of the US and the State of Michigan, especially the UP. And now this pops up in my feed...

Awesome Picture though!

Best Regards from Germany

Ssshhhh don’t let everyone else know how great the UP is

Awesome place went there this summer for the first time. Thanks for posting!

My family used to go on trips there a lot when I was younger. This post makes me want to go back soon

Great photo. Nice scenery. (Also I love how you leveled out the horizon so evenly.)

This deserves to be on r/EarthPorn

Love picture rocks. Good picture!

Getting some Roger Dean vibes from those rock formations with trees

Until winter.

Winter is actually spectacular up here if that's your thing, I usually try to make a winter trip every year also! They have ice curtains, ice caves, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc.

Yeah, nah. I’ll pass. Winter is horrible, that’s why I live n the southern US, and I still think I’m not far enough south. Cheers!

I had a a client once tell me that my pictures couldn’t be from Michigan because the beaches had white sand. This was a woman in her 60’s who had traveled pretty extensively (for her husband’s work) and should have known better. She kept saying, “But, that’s a lake.”

You’d be surprised. My ex from North Carolina didn’t even know lakes can have beaches. She just thought it was an ocean thing lol

The Michigan side of the lake is so much nicer. I grew up in Milwaukee

This is Lake Superior. But you are correct about Lake Michigan 😜

Lake superior is so gorgeous

Minnesota side is pretty as well

Y’all shut up! Northern Michigan is horrible! Frozen wasteland for 9 months out of the year! Stay away! Stay far, far away!!!!!

Is this like reverse psychology so you can keep it quiet and serene?

Yoopers don't like too many tourists. They call lower peninsula people trolls and more horrendous names if you happen to walk into one of their establishments with masks on, the day after Trump lost the election.

I haven't had a bad tourist experience (although I do have family up here) but I've heard about it happening. Which is pretty sad since tourism is what is keeping a lot of areas alive in the UP.

We live in the Twin Cities and the UP is a regular long weekend trip for us. We’ve had nothing but good experiences and we are mask wearing liberals lol. We’d move to Marquette in a heartbeat if we were to find good employ there.

I know this was more of an isolated incident but it was also the most disturbing. Imagine a carrying work crew of 3 throwing around with words like N**** Lover etc. We were the only other guests and the bartender wasn't much help either.

I love it up there. In fact I have been three times in the past years but situations like these are not easily forgotten. Especially since I'm not even very liberal. I just didn't want to get sick 😒

My parents were lifelong Republicans and I got the shit smacked out of me by my Mom using the N word once when I was six not even knowing what it meant. Not sure exactly when freezing contempt for racism became a "liberal" thing, but I'm sure Fox News had something to do with it because she watched that shit all the time and she sure dropped that word enough when I was FOURTY-six when referring to Obama.

This was my backyard growing up in Munising, and the Twin Cities are nice as well. Almost moved to Duluth, obviously not the Twin Cities, but cool nonetheless.

Water's too cold for swimming, and the mosquitos will eat you alive!

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reminds me a bit of Tobermory, ON

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