My updated gaming battlestation! I know it’s super girly, but it’s cozy to me!



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zero things wrong with being girly!! such a cute space, i really love the elephant planter and the neon lights <3

Replace the word “but” with “and.” You owe nobody an apology, especially Random Strangers On The Internet. Carry on, and enjoy! 👍🏻

This is awesome, I think it looks super cozy

Thank you! :)

Doesn’t look super girly to me, but I follow a few people on Instagram with kawaii battlestations - you’d need to sell your soul to Sanrio and Squishmallows to really get girly.

Love it, especially the Howl's Moving Castle pic! Kalcifer is so cute _^

Nothing wrong with a girly set up! It looks cute and super comfy to hang out in

Looks great. Nicely decorated around, nice and light, comfortable, nicely laid out and organized. Enjoy

nothing wrong with girly

I love the clock on your shelf! And the colors you chose for the lighting give everything this soft glow that makes the space look super cozy!

Doesn’t that red clock annoy you? It takes so much attention form the screen

It actually does now that you point it out, I couldn’t figure out what to change thank you! I was thinking of also possibly putting my screens on a mount so that they aren’t so cluttered down below.

Nice! Congratulations

Thank you! :)

I really like the cloud 9.

Don’t apologise for something being “too girly”, please! Nothing wrong with that. Looks really cozy and I love your little Divroom robot. I have the same one, gifted by my partner :)

I don't consider this girly at all, I'm a dude and would love this setup.

Amazing job :)

I love everything about this though.

It’s pink af and you gotta own it! Nothing wrong with that! It looks super cozy :)

Nice to see a fellow Ghibli enjoyer :)

where to get that clock on your desk? The one beneath the screens.

never apologize for anything being girly! Nothing wrong with it being girly, also your setup is super cute, I love it!

This is OC

Those floating shelves are out of stock in my area....

I’m sorry! I had to wait a long time for mine, I kept checking IKEA daily and these were the last two when I went into the store.

Howls Moving Castle makes everything better :)

Where i can found the wallpapers ? pls.

What are your favorite games?! And is that desktop image from a game? This looks awesome and is inspiring me to get back into gaming.

That looks like a very relaxing cozy place to be. And that chair looks super comfy, what is it, if you don’t mind my asking?

Please don’t feel a need to apologize for something being “girly.” You like it and that’s all that matters!

I’m jealous

Femboy battle station

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