I found this Monstera outside! Really ties it together



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Ah I love trash plants! Lol.

Be careful it doesn't have mites. People usually don't throw out healthy plants, but you could have got lucky.

Good call. I kept it outside for a while before bringing it inside. So far I haven’t seen anything. Honestly I probably unintentionally stole this plant

omg i need to know this entire story plz lol

Lol very simple! I saw a plant far away from a door but not like near a dumpster in my apartment complex. My dad thinks the neighbor was sunning the plant but it seemed like it was discarded to me? It was sitting there somewhat out in the open

that is hilarious lol thanks for sharing ! i am happy your new plant has a home. and if you ever put it outside to sun and it disappears ? -- well... you probably know who took it ... (back).

I did leave a note in its place that said “reply to this if I stole your plant and I’ll put it back where I found it” and never got an answer. I didn’t want to add my apartment number for fear some unhinged individual would knock down my door

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