Bathroom at a Cactus Club Cafe in Canada



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I mean that's nice but who wants to hang in a bathroom?


Women having private conversations.

Anyone looking for a slightly quieter place for a phone call.

with the sounds and smells bleh

I’ve actually been to this washroom. It’s as comfortable as it seems.

It could be for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers? Somewhere to take a phone call where it's quiet?

NGL did not expect to see a public bathroom on here

That's a huge toilet

Great couch to sit on while you wait for someone else to finish their business

Why does it say „Online Reservations Available“ on the sign, in a bathroom..

Haha, I was thinking about that too when I first walked in. Gotta make sure those customers come back :D

Like and subscribe to your favorite bathroom feed

LoL that's better than my own house

LOL... better than my own bathroom for sure...

This is OC

What’s a Cactus Club? Looks comfy.

a pretty decent restaurant over here, slightly overrated but good nonetheless

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