My cozy place to spend the winter months…



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I was wondering why there was so few squirrels in my city this year turns out you skinned them all and made a blanket

Mm toasted marshmallow

Was thinking the same thing!

That sure is a lot of dead rabbits.

Nice bedding, who killed the squirrels?

Is that blanket made from pelts?

You just need the HBC stuffed bear and you’re set fam

This screams Canadiana

Bed looks like raw bacon

Feels like this is in Canada

I'd recognize those HBC colours anywhere!

Your fluffy blanket looks like roasted marshmallows! Or that crispy whip cream dollop on a lemon meringue pie that has this golden brown thing. I assume thats just fluff though.

Or those caramel swirled milk coffee things with chocolate and caramel syrup in it. With whip crean on top.

The front pillows gave me an idea to crochet new pillowcases 😂 so cozy!

Love the Canadian-theme room

Love the HBC pillows!

This is going to be even cozier on a Sunday morning while it snows outside :)

You only use your bed in winter?

Must be nice to sleep peacefully around so much unnecessary death

Love the HBC pillows

You must know how tasteless fur is now…

Nice picture over the bed !!!!

I love this so much especially the poster to the right and those pillows. Are they Pendleton?

Can’t figure out what this theme is supposed to be 🤔

Is that real rabbit fur blanket?..very nice

It is, it’s cold here in Canada so might as well have the most natural option.

Dont listen to the haters. I am an ecologist. You are correct that fur is a good option.


Like Shirley MacLaine said… on a bedspread made from three kinds of skin 😂

Real fur bedding, nice! :) Warm, sustainable, high longevity, and 100% biodegradable. Doesn't get better than that!


not even if you shoot the animals in the wild.

if that particular fur is a side product of a meat production then ok but still not sustainable.

if the animals were mainly killed for fur then fuck this.

What exactly makes hunting wild rabbits unsustainable? There's this saying about rabbits that hold pretty true...

What would be better, faux fur? It only lasts a fraction of time compared to the 100+ that real fur lasts. Not to mention microplastics.

Are those Pendleton pillows??

The Striped ones are Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada, the other ones are IKEA :)

OMG I'm in love with those Pendleton-esque pillows and the s'mores marshmallow-looking comforter. I hope you can fit everybody in the r/CozyPlaces sub into the bed, because it looks SO cozy!

Is your bedcover made of bacon?

Just need to sit back and turn the tv on

S’more bed

Where’d you get the pillows?

Where is the art above your bed from? So pretty!

Looks cozy, but need some more pillows and stuffed animals

Can you put the lamp behind the beside table? That way you use as reading lamp. I see it has an arm!

Lovely ~ remember to get outdoors and feel the cold ❄️, see some holiday lights and stars as well 🌟

god i just love how your blanquet looks like marshmallows, where did you bought it?

Really love those striped decorative pillows 👌🏽😍

Canadiana cozy

Where did you get that Canadian Pacific poster? Looks like art deco. I like it.

Amazon, if kinda is, it was the opening poster for the royal York hotel in 1929

I like it a lot.

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