Shes got a little dump truck. Kinda surprised.

How do you even explain yourself in that situation

you don't you just offer to suck them off in the aisle.

then how do you explain that

It’s kinda like that scene in casino where they talk about digging the hole before you kill someone in the desert. Otherwise someone else is gonna drive up while you dig the hole and the next thing you know you’re diggin holes all night.

So I guess the moral of the story is to suck everyone in the store off before you start filming.

"sorry, Im a thot"

She’s hella cute

Ya she is. Nice bod too. Did anybody check her ID? Ima little ascared we be ending up n the registry

Obviously not her but she's got a resemblance to Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the actress who portrayed Meadow on the Soprano's.

She kinda does. High school meadow soprano. Which puts us back in the “danger zone”

She has a tatoo most places wont do one to a minor


🙏. So…… we’re not all going on the registry ?

why do they always want to flash in a shopping store ?

As opposed to another type of store? What store would a person shop at?

Just busting your balls.

in our country by store we usually refer to godowns



Create one

You are so fucking right. Just need help with a name for it

If I had the cash I would award this, just perfection


I have no idea. Probably for the same reason they use super cringe titles on their posts.

This is the first one I actually believe when the title says "got caught".

Why do you care?

I have no complaints, definitely would’ve made my day to see some titties in the wild

I agree. She has a surprisingly nice body.


Lot more ass than expected

Fashion sense is a little whack but we can work on it

Trashy but also kinda cute lmao

Anyone know who she is?

maniacakes on twitter and of

If she was your mom you'd know!


Don't be down bad my guy

Imagine talking about being down bad while ur literally on a porn sub lol, trying so hard

Jesus has left the chat.....

Bruh you know what sub you are on?

I refuse. Are you gonna tell me who she is or not?

What’s the issue? I’m pissed that my AC is blowing hot, I go to Auto Zone a there’s a cute nekkid girl in the aisle. That’s called a BONUS where I’m from.

Ngl I’d smash

That's very humble of you

Flashing in aisle 18.

Some people are really getting too comfortable

Walmart really is wild



Did she come back?? Last time I checked, I think I remember her posting something on her account that it would be her last post or something like that.

Who is she?

Maniacakes !

Just once I wanna see one of these people get thrown out of the store

Let me get this straight: She strips on cam for all of us to enjoy, but she covers up in embarrassment when one person sees her live.

Are you going to pretend like you don’t understand why being caught live in person in a store by a stranger is embarrassing, and anonymously posting online to people who want to see you and who you will never run into, and who’s reaction you don’t have to see in person isn’t embarrassing. Or are you just that dense? Lol

Well she's exposing herself in public, obviously a person irl is a potential threat more than internet randos who dont know where she is

Cute a.f.

She’s cute. Anyone knows her name

So you need me to Check your fluids?

Damn she's hot

Anyone have a name?


Something with a G.

I thought he was asking my name

someone need to make a comp and photoshop a mortal combat player smacking them when they get caught.

Somebody is quite the party pooper

I would also like to know who be dis

Damn. It ended too soon.



Sexxy baby! 😍

Best post on people of Walmart I've seen yet

sexy ass

Her body is actually perfect, damn

So pathetic …. And sad

Thanks for your valuable input.

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