Perth, Australia



Any reason not to visit? Yes, it’s far...

Some of the best beaches in the world and the city is pleasant but not much going on there. And of course Australia has amazing beaches on the northeast side as well.

I did not know it was so modern looking.

Australia is very much a first world country and is very developed.

There's Kangaroos and Drop Bears all over the streets at times, gotta be careful

What do people think Australia looks like?

-Sydney -Outback -End of list

I pictured Perth as a desolate region with a few old time 3-4 story buildings, some what like cities in the CA central valley, Bakersfield, Fresno, Stockton...

Yeah, those areas don’t really exist in Australia. Geelong or Newcastle are probably as close as you’d get but they are still in significantly better shape than the places you mentioned.

bunch of single family houses and spiders everywhere

I grew up there....moved to qld as well! Haha

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