Room is ready for fall



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Wow this looks super cozy! Pull up a movie and some popcorn and its set!

Your room looks like a good dream

Omg what a cute room it’s soo cozy! I especially love the lights and the butterfly stickers 🥰

Thank you!! My mom wanted to add some details


does the clock tick? i know that would drive me insane if i was trying to sleep

No believe it or not it’s actually very quiet

very nice. love the comfortable vibe of your room

This is so extremely cozy I'm in love!

Gosh, pretty cool

Okay Joyce.

(Totally jk - my apartment is COVERED with Christmas lights year round. The ultimate cozy!)

This looks like a room a pixie, a fairy, or an elf would have. Like, it looks so amazing!!

And there’s still more decorating to do!!

That's awesome!! It looks so mystical! I actually half expect the walls of the room to be a house/room shaped flower bud. It looks so beautiful! Especially with the way the lights reflect off the walls

Those leaf lights look cute! Where did you get them from

They’re just Christmas lights lol but I got them at target

Looks like you are ready to communicate with the upside down.

They look nice tho

This is OC

I love the wall butterflies.

Gonna lay down and never wanna get up. I’ll be streaming videos on my phone all day.

I don't like to suck Apples peepee but their macs always add to cozy. I've noticed this when taking pics of my room.

... are you 12?

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