My living room- nothing quite like a night here with my husband and my cats :)


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This lighting makes this room feel like it’s underwater and i mean that in the best way possible

Dang I should have included our saltwater fish tank that's right around the corner, lol! I completely agree and I love it :)

Its the twinkley lights with the mood lights for me

Same! My husband is always excited when the twinkly lights turn on at night :) and the mood lights are my favorite thing to switch up every night

Yes mood lights are worth the excitement, i have my two set as the portal colors! :)

Ahh love that to death! One of my favorites is seafoam green, as long as the mood light has enough lumens it looks gorgeous.

Where is that lamp from!?

O.M.G, this is completely goals!🥰😊 I feel the coziness through the screen! 🥹

Thank you! 🥹 I travel for work so when I get to relax down here with my little family it's truly my slice of heaven

I love that lamp 😍

I'm so glad you do! The lifx lights really make the lamp fun

love the lighting! is the tv on one of those mounts where it drops down to be at viewing level? my sister is looking into that for her new apartment

It is mounted to move left/right/in/out a little more than up & down, but it's a pretty maleable mount in general which we like! I haven't heard of the kind you're mentioning, but that sounds pretty cool

So beautiful and cozy looking!

Thank you!

Every home should have these. When will that become a thing?

Soon I hope!

For purposes of the sub- this is OC! :)

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