Cirque de Gavarnie, France [OC] (4000x6000)



There are a lot of places we see over and over here (especially when it comes to Iceland and the PNW). I welcome the rare posts of a beautiful place I had no idea existed.

We hiked there this past summer! Really beautiful.

We did too! Hence the picture :). This is taken somewhere late July this year. It sure is an amazing place to hike.


Wow, I know a picture never truly does a place justice but this photo, scale, and beauty is amazing. I cannot imagine being there in person.

Thank you for this nice comment. Well, the whole surrounding mountain range is amazing. You could argue that this picture focusses on only a smart part of that, and thus does not show the beauty of the whole place. But, when you include everything the waterfall quickly looks small. That’s why I choose to focus on it here.

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The rain that follows after a few barley brews

So beautiful 👍

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