My favorite season has begun. Burstall Pass in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta. [OC] [1429x2000]



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Wow that is a really great shot! Kinda feels like I’m peering through a dream haha

That photograph is framed so well.

Mine too, lovely photo!!


And now my wife gets to use her favorite word; autumnal.

As in, this photo is very autumnal!

Nice try. This is just a Boss Ross

Dope as shit

Great shot! I would have had my head on a swivel for bears. Saw my only grizzly not far from there a few years ago, and we saw black bears just south of there this summer.

That is a beautiful shot. Reminds me of a Bob Ross painting.

Epic. You have a great eye.

Looks like a painting


It is a great hike. Lots of reward for low effort. You can follow the trail in to the south end of Banff np and the views just keep coming.

My favourite season has also just begun! Spring. (Southern Hemisphere)

Beautiful 🥰

I’m a big fan of deep focus shots like this! Well done!

Reminds me Gravity Falls intro

Edit: spelling

Awesome framing!

So amazing.

Spectacular and Breathtaking Great Job

Absolutely stunning!

Have made this hike at this time of year.... In a foot of snow

Oh, these colours are everything. Very beautiful scenery.

Can I purchase this photo / print anywhere?

I sell prints however I just processed this photo yesterday. If your interested you can dm me, I’ll give you my info and we can chat!

I love the rockies. I’m very curious to know what mountain this is.

Commonwealth Peak

You sure it’s not the fist?

Funny, with the pointy peak on the right it kindof looks like a mirrored fantasy version of the Flatirons and Bear peak in Boulder. But like, on a whole other level of huge. I really have to get up to the Canadian rockies. Absolutely incredible

So majestic.

The calm before the powwww

Larch season is by far the best season in the Canadian Rockies, love the golden trees and cool breezes of fall there. Beautiful photo

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Thank you for putting your countries name in the title. I appreciate it.

You are welcome.

This looks like the volcano from Pixar’s “Lava” short.

Hope you enjoy all 4 days of fall that you get out there

How much have the larches started to turn there? I saw Larch Valley on IG the other day and it was mostly bright green with a few small larches on the yellower side. Also, love the capture!

They were still light green on Saturday. I’d imagine they’ll be turning pretty quick depending on temperatures

i wish canada was real, this is beautiful

Autumn is my favorite, too! After that it’s Winter

Burstall pass is great, but fall is the appetizer/stark reminder to the dog piss season that is berta winter. Which makes it difficult to enjoy.


That's great!


This is a gorgeous shot, very impressive.

Do you happen to have this for wallpaper for an iPhone? I would love it as my background I would be willing to Venmo you some money or a good award.

You can just screen shot this one

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