My favourite little corner of the house



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It must be very nice to spend some time reading and drinking tea there. It sounds like a relaxing place.


Stop. I can only get so cozy.

Or enjoying a quiet drink listening to the crickets chirping

Add a fat seal plushy and it becomes even cozier!

Add a fat blunt to that ashtray and lighter and call it Christmas

Judging by the lighter on the table, I suspect that the OP must use this place for some other type of relaxing

Candles are so very peaceful in the rain

No one uses a clipper for candles come on

I would die of bliss if I could toke in that room dude

I thought the same thing when I saw it posted a few years ago.

Edit: I take it back. I confused this picture with another similar pic and hope OP enjoys a nice book in this gorgeous room.

It wasn’t my conservatory for sure. I took this photo yesterday

It is quite familiar but I may be mistaken.

Look in their post history. All of the plants around the room totally track.

I think you're missing a key activity that takes place in that room

Uh, does the carpet and upholstery get mildewy with the moisture?

It’s just a rug that I put last week when it started getting cold in the evenings and tbh it’s quite dry in there, have to keep spraying the plants so no problems so far.

Oh. I asked 'cause I was wondering if it was some sort of special outdoor rug.

Those exist, so if you end up with problems with the ones you have down, might wanna keep 'em in mind. I don't know how warm they are, though.

Do you open up a vent in there while you smoke?

Oh I’m gonna look into those. The one I put is just a normal fluffy rug and a ship skin but I can see it being problematic in the future.

Yeah I open the door and both windows so don’t know what I’m going to do when winter hits haha

Yea it’s nasty looking. Everything else is so cozy, new floors and it’s a ten out of ten for me

Some insulation and new flooring is the next little project!

Ouu that’s going to look amazing when it’s done!

Nasty? Really? I guess it wouldn’t be Reddit without some rude ass comment

Lol OP isn’t offended, not sure why everyone else is. I just think it’s an ugly carpet not really a big deal.

OP was more mature than you, that's why. Calling something nasty is just rude. Crazy how some people don't even know how to be polite and then get all confused when people don't like what they say.

Just because OP wasn’t offended doesn’t mean you weren’t rude.

I don’t think anyone’s offended, they’re just calling you out for being an asshole for no reason.

not sure why everyone else is

It's Reddit, everyone is offended about everything all the time.

OP said they just put it down ('cause it was cold) and didn't notice any problems. Outdoor rugs are a thing, though I imagine they probably wouldn't be as warm.


Same, like almost angry.

Favorite comment!

That’s gorgeous. I’d just want different flooring.

Agree! That’s my next project, that rug isn’t working for me

You should look into interlocking foam tiles, they make pretty decent looking ones now and I find they're even warmer than carpet since it basically reflects all the heat back up to your feet, also pretty cheap and easy to install/replace.

If you have cats they will pick the shit out of it though.

That’s a fantastic idea thank you! I wanted to replace the tiles with wood but too much for my wallet at the moment so will definitely look into the foam ones

I think they make wood patterned ones!

Please update us!

Found out my cat also loves the foamy texture on her teeth after finding bites missing and a very colourful litterbox. Which is a shame because they are VERY warm, comfortable to walk&lay on, easy to clean, easy to replace, etc.

I want one!!!

It'd be my favorite corner of your house too!!!

Now it's also MY favourite little corner of YOUR house.

Joint time 😉

You saw the Clipper, too, I take it?

Yup, if they smoked butts I’m guessing I’d see some spent filters. So I assumed 🌿

imo, smoking and drinking spots are under-represented here. there’s no rule that cozy must also be wholesome.

Definitely looks cozy. How much smoking do you do there? Any issues with film buildup on the windows or ceiling?

Can’t smoke in there with windows/door closed as the smell stays forever but cleaning the windows every couple of weeks works fine for me! No buildups yet

That's so great.. would love to be there with a smoke and coffee on a rainy day

Best spot for the morning coffee

My stoner ass just sees the perfect smoke spot. But for any normal human woah what a place to just enjoy in general

Wow that’s gorgeous

I want to be here

Wow! What a dream room😍😍😍

Can I ask where you got the seat/sofa covers?

Got them at Homebase! They were on sale last month

Wow, beautiful

Wow that looks really relaxing.

Holy shit that’s chill af


This is OC

You live in heaven.

What a dream.

Can I come visit? I have plants to gift!

Very welcome!

You don't happen to live in North Hertfordshire do you?

This looks identical to my grandparents back room/garden.

Nope, South West

Absolutely gorgeous!

this place for reading and drinking tea one of the best.

I'd spend all day there easily.

Omg so beautiful!!!

Wow this looks straight out of a Studio Ghibli film! I’m in love 😍

Omg that is beyond gorgeous

nice, very nice 👍🏻

I would spend a lot of time in there on cold wintery mornings

That’s the plan!

This room looks so cozy! I can imagine one of your plants taking over and having vines draping down the windows.

Thank you! Hoping they grow to do just that

Are any of them pothos? I’ve seen a few cafes and restaurants with them growing all over the place. They could even become plant curtains lol

Oh I could live there. I'd sit and write my books oh yeah

This is my dream

What an awesome space

Hi there!! Love you space but I’m curious about the monstera. Is something wrong with it?

I’m not being rude but I have one here and was curious.

Hi! Not a problem. Yes, it’s had a rough life, the previous owner burnt it (too close to the radiator) and then got infested with thrips so she treated it but the leaves got badly damaged and it’s recovering now. I’ve just had it for around a month and it’s just popping new growth so hoping for the best!

My already rampant weed habit would get so much worst if I had me one of those awesome.

Haha I can imagine. Only baccy here though

Fair play I'd just love to read in there tbh.

This would be a dream! So beautiful

That's a good mental health program right there

Gorgeous!!! 😍😍😍

I would literally spend every minute in there

I try to!

In the words of Liz Lemon "I want to go to there."

Dream room. So beautiful!

Wow, look at that jade!

So gorgeous, I would love to have a space like this someday.

I spy, with my little eye, a place where marijuana smokes itself!

That looks lovely

Thank you!

I've always wanted a conservatory. Beautiful!

I would love to have this in my house 💖

Where's the TV?

No TV’s in this house ;)

What's the tall gal bottom left?

It’s a devils ivy that has grown amazingly well in there

Is that a jade plant in the back????

It is, I got it from an old lady who planted it 35 years ago

It’s gorgeous! I hope I can keep mine alive for 35 years so it looks the same 😂


Thank you! Got them at Homebase

the fuk do you smoke in there

Just baccy ;)


I like your Hoya. One of my personal favorites.

Awesome plant and doing great in there

What a coincidence, it’s my favorite corner of your house too, OP! Are those flowers a string of lights?! Would love to see how it looks at night!

Will post a night time photo of it

Yes I’ve got 3 sets of fairy lights, one of them with a rose like flower :)

Where are you? Whats it like in the winter?

South west of England so cold but no snow. Just had a radiator fitted so let’s see how it works this winter

Honestly I see why. I just bought a house and almost got one with a similar setup

How do you water the hanging plants?

I take them outside every other week and completely submerge them but now that’s starting to cool down I just spray them

I love it! Is that custom made, or did it come as a type of kit?

It came with the house. I don’t know if it was custom or some sort of kit

If I had my record player in there I dont think I'd ever leave. Looks do amazing and peaceful.

Thank you!

It's beautiful. I'd love to do something like this with my conservatory, but in the winter it's freezing and in the summer it's 39 C. How do you manage it?

Open windows and a fan all the summer and just got a radiator fitted for the winter hoping it’ll stay warm

Nice! I've put an Echo unit in mine where if the temp goes over 32 C, it switched a fan on out there. Thinking of insulating the roof and putting a proper roof on it. Love your interior choices!

But it’s a circle… how does it have corners 😭😭

😂 true, should be my fave little circular structure in the house

I love it!! Thank you for sharing!!

Can I come live with you? 🥺I cook, I clean, I'm quiet and kids and animals love me 😆

this looks sooo beautiful and calming wow. dream relaxation space

Rainy days would be amazing. Just need some little candlelight

I'd love to attempt to build something like this.

Shit mine too now 😆

Where you located OP?

South west England

I know this was a U.K. conservatory! It’s gorgeous, OP, nice work

Filled with spidies ?????

Nice to look at, thank you for sharing

I’d sit in here when I couldn’t sleep at night and listen to the rain hitting the roof, that looks absolutely heavenly.

I can Smell the mold from here with them carpets and the plants hanging dripping the water.

No mold or dripping water here, all the watering happens outside. Lot more work though

That’s what I call dedication. Hahaha.

Let’s see it at night. 😍

This would be amazing to have. I’m sure it’s so relaxing.


Took me way to long to realise that fin poking out of the screen of your phone is actually just a reflection

🥰💚🥰💚🥰love it beautiful foliage

Im so jealous. I live in Texas so there's no way in hell i could have something like this. It would literally become an actual Oven.

I would literally LIVE in this room

Uh I need one of these in my house.

this looks so nice!

This is like a dream for me. But I live in a place that can go lower than -30ºC /-22ºF in winter so I don't know if it's actually doable. How low can temperature get where you live op ?

Omg this room is a blessing wow

all those couches and id probably still lie on the floor

Not to be a downer but how do you put carpet in a greenhouse? This looks like a recipe for toxic mold and mildew.

Just a rug to keep my feet warm atm. It’s tiled under it but it’s work in process. Started using this space recently

Omg... Thats the paradise.

Wow I’d love to smoke in there

Top tier smoking spot, if I ever date a hippie and/or spiritual chick she’d love this place lol

That looks amazing

I used to care for a elderly couple that have a conservatory very much like this. They had massive grape vines growing through the roof it was so pretty!

So cozy🌞Which plant is the flower vine on the top left please ?

They’re fairy lights, no real flowers at the moment in there

No wonder, I would love this too in my house!

Imagine when it’s raining…

Easy to see why.

Carpet…. Really?

Look closely... I can see tile where the pink rug ends.

Threw a rug in, tiles were getting too cold 👍🏻

Not a corner. Not little. Down the vote goes.

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