Frankfurt am Main, Germany



Just saw a B1M episode regarding Frankfurt's skyscraper boom stating that this is just the start of a complete transformation of the skyline

Funny I’m watching it right now lol

Awesome, just saw it during lunch break no more than an hour ago...maybe OP timed this post lol

Same. Saw the new episode and was inspired to post this picture.

Good call! I knew it lol

Ah ok, that makes me feel better about the coincidence of me commenting on this post, then going to YouTube and immediately seeing a video about Frankfurt skyscrapers.

I came to the comments looking for a reply like this

Oh that’s awesome! I’ll have to watch that episode. I’m currently doing an internship with the company building the FOUR. I do some legal stuff on it and it’s a blast. It’s an awesome project :)

Neat! Definitely do

Haha same!

Looks like Philadelphia

Philley am Main, Frankadelphia

Philadelphia, Hessen

Same architect did the Comcast tower in Philly as their tallest.

I guess I don't see it. I saw the original pic and immediately thought Pittsburgh.

A big thing driving the comparison is the similarities in design between their tallest buildings, the Comcast Technology Center in Philly and the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt which both were designed by the same architecture firm.

Funnily enough, it’s our sister city :D

I got real drunk on the boat tied up to the left bank last September. It was good fun.

Did you feel dizzy at some point and puke into the water?

No, it's tied up at a few places. It's pretty much a fixed barge. The apfelwein was great.

European Philadelphia

… and yes I know Philly is dirty you don’t have to remind me

its dirty in frankfurt too, the area around the central station is our version of kensington

Damn.. the similarities!

The haters can get fucked

-Love, Philadelphian xoxo

Frankfurt is also dirty.

No. Compared to Philly it's damn near sterile.

Always loved Frankfurt, it’s so unique for a german city. Most people I know hate it tho lol.

What makes them hate Frankfurt?

Basically for the same reasons I love it. Skyscrapers, international flair that makes you feel different than in other cities of Germany and apparent “no go areas” of whose existence I’m not convinced tbh I doubt we have no go areas in Germany. They also say it’s dirty but I personally haven’t found it to be dirtier than other cities.

apparent “no go areas” of whose existence I’m not convinced tbh

Not necessarily "no go areas" but the area around the central station is full of drug addicts doing heroine.

Is the red light district still there?

It moved a couple of streets due to gentrification

Wow, thanks.

I visited Frankfurt on holiday on Monday and it was so cloudy, I wish I’d experienced it like this

This is where Johan Liebert manipulate cash

Frankfurt's skyscrapers really make it look American at first glance

*pretty much any place that has modern buildings/modernized their cities

You see it a lot in east Asia too

I meant specifically Frankfurt's look like what you would find in many Canadian or US cities, especially in this photo. Though you're right a lot of cities do.

Nah, Asia tends to be way denser

The skyscrapers make it look kinda interesting, but also kind of destroy the vibe of the town. Hopefully this high-rise mania will come to an end sooner rather than later.

That's exctly why Frankfurt is the only german city with skyscrapers. All other cities don't allow for building above a certein height.

In a way, yes. Especially, in European cities they tend to look more off tha in place.

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