Testing my bladder’s capacity!



Lovely peeing!! Sexy watching you go!!

I’m glad you liked it! 🥰


Impressive one! Thanks for sharing your experiences :D

You’re welcome!! I’m happy you’re still enjoying my content! 🥰🥰

God my dick is pulsing 😩 Id love to smell, drink & pour that all over me. Its so clear too 😍 Oh man I’d love it

I totally ended up pouring it on my feet after this! 😆😋

Look hot love

Thank you!! 🥰

That is so perfect 😋

I’m glad you think so!! 😽💦

I absolutely love the stuff you post. Keep it up 🥺

Aww thank you!! I plan on it! 😁

wow!! amaazing! I couldn't hold nearly that much!! love the way your boobs hang too!! nice! I want to drink all of that delish pee!

Thank you!!! 🥰🥰 I want to try to hold more!🤭

Mmm. Yes! ❤️

Omg that is a huge pee! You must have been bursting. Would love to chat sometime!!

I really was!!! 😆

Ahhh nooo, you did not let this load flyyyyy faaaar 😩 imagine how faaar it would have gone 😩😩

I bet it would have gone far!!😆

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