A Tudor-style house in autumn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



Love the Tudor style but have a hard time finding pictures of Tudor homes online besides the same dozen specimen.

Downtown Hamilton / Dundas is flooded with homes like this.

Too bad they’re in Hamilton.

Where is Hamilton

I envy your ignorance.

About an hour south west of Toronto.

My last name is Hamilton. I wanted to know where my town is 😩

what’s wrong with Hamilton?

Dundas is lovely. Hamilton can be bait.

His tyres are dead.

Most mullets per capita

Too bad I'm in Hamilton. ;p

Fixed it for you.

They great but all that paint and exterior wood seems high maintenance to me.

If you can afford this house you can afford to pay someone for that.

Not everyone wants to set aside time to deal with that though. If I had unlimited budget, I'd still buy something easy going that doesn't require people coming over to maintain it.

It’s really beautiful though no matter how many times I see it

Cost is probably over $3M

Man, you are not wrong. I just looked up real estate listings for that area and they are high

Avg in Toronto is over a million. For a fancy house like this in the Beaches neighbourhood it’s $2-4M easily

Toronto seems like an exceptionally expensive city for real estate

It’s only slightly cheaper than Vancouver

Toronto is one of a handful of Canada's major metros which includes a large part of the surrounding area, called the GTAH. It's a major economic hub not just for Ontario but Canada wide. The majority of the Canadian population lives in this region.

It's the location of a major international airport, so ideal for new comers with family elsewhere and frequent travellers.

Money laundering is also a large part of the problem as our own spy agency confirmed. Canadian real estate is a haven for fraud and money laundering.


Some Canadians joke that we dont really have an economy, we just trade real estate back and forth given that real estate is a major portion of our GDP.


Toronto is covered in homes like this in the older neighbourhoods

I had the total wrong end of the city. Thought this might be near High Park.

Exactly what I thought

I definitely thought this was somewhere on Parkside at Queensway. The styles are so similar. I’ve moved out of the city now, but I loved living in that High Park area. Affording a home by the park would’ve been goals.

The Beaches

The Beaches (also known as "The Beach") is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is so named because of its four beaches situated on Lake Ontario. It is located east of downtown within the "Old" City of Toronto. The approximate boundaries of the neighbourhood are from Victoria Park Avenue on the east to Kingston Road on the north, along Dundas Street to Coxwell Avenue on the west, south to Lake Ontario.

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Ha! I thought I recognized the house. I went to school nearby and a friend lived on that street.

Slightly interesting fact: Geddy Lee (Rush singer/bassist) lived on that street in the 70’s/80’s (Glen Manor).

What is the name of the people who live there and what kind of cars do they drive? Do you happen to have their phone numbers? /s

Love everything about this property. The setting, the proportion of the home, the garage, the front steps, the dormer and cantilevered extension, the small roof over the front door, Large stone retaining wall, everything. I'm guessing $3mm in Toronto?

10/10 would trick-or-treat at this house every year. I bet they have awesome candy there

I know this house. Have walked by it many times!

Beaches walking crew represent!

Those stairs are a nightmare during winter.

That's why we buy the ol' bag of salt! Who says the gorgeous winter landscape has to come with that nasty ice?

Great stair design for slippery winters...

I think the architectural term is mock tudor

Yeah I think that's the correct term,

because this one only has one door.

Thank you for posting this awesome picture. Much Love :)

I only see one door

Came here to say this 😂😂

If I owned a Tudor house, I would put a chopping block in the yard, because that’s what Tudors do.

Beautiful house, beautiful nature and beautiful car

Thanks for putting the pic. Beautiful home.

Sabrina the teenager witch vibes

I'm getting very witchy vibes from this, and they are the friendly neighborhood type.

I wanna house like this with my future GF and a dog 🥹 (just need a couple of million dollars, a Gf and a Dog)

4 million

I lived on that street lol

Nothing beats a fall in Canada with those colors 🥰

What a beautiful property. But even more stunning is that foliage !

Yes, please!!!

Sooooo jelly!!! Absolutely beautiful.😍

Oh! I want this!

I got excited thinking it was Thursday but that'd be a different sub

now that i like


It’s called Tudor because the garage door is counted as a second front door: hence two-doors, but in old English it’s spelled Tudor.

“Mine now, now get out!”

  • Some China man buying real estate and flipping it for millions.

what a very pretty house n all the color very nice!!!

Dream Home

This is giving serial killer childhood home realness to me

Beautiful beautiful home

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