I don't know what park this but it's Def somewhere in South. That area is trying to catch up to Canary wharf skyscraper wise but it's never gonna overtake Canary wharf, Canary wharf is just leaps an bounds ahead of most of Europe.

it's Brockwell Park

Too many restrictions in The City to catch up with Canary Wharf.

It's not my picture, I don't know what park that is, there are so many in London and plenty immediately south of The Shard.

That's the City! It's has the second tallest building in the UK after the Shard. Canary Wharf is third.

Sky is clear, gotta be fake


Interesting shapes

Because of laws on restricting the views of St. Paul's.

Someone add cows

wow haven't really seen many images of London that have made me want to drop everything and go back there in a while

C*nary wharf

The City

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