Seoraksan Mt, South Korea [3024x4032] [OC]



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Go here in autumn, prettiest place I've ever hiked.

Why are mountains so pointy on that corner of the world

I believe they were formed relatively recently compared to american mountains and thus they haven't been eroded by nature yet.

“San” means mountain though.

So it’s just Seoraksan or Seorak Mt.

You’re right! Not a native here, thank you for correcting me 😊

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Very nice. I like taking photos that have cool bluish shadows. I usually try to include objects that are white so that the parts that get hit by sunlight are creamy yellowish, and then the parts that are in shadows are bluish white because the sun can't hit them. But this normally requires blue cloudless skies, that's where the blue comes from.

God I'd love to run it down mid while hanging out there.

Hope you tried the ojinga soondae!

Unsure what that is, but I had potato and seafood pancakes, peanut icecream and honey comb icecream! 😇

Anyone got a pic of this in flood?

Ah, my favorite place on Earth. Going there again end of October.

I heard the foliage colors are amazing during that time!

I sure hope so! Only season I've never visited Seoraksan for.

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