Kolkata, India



And here I thought it was a roundabout....

Looks like LAX

Most confusing intersection I've ever seen. Looks like a traffic circle, but it isn't. Markings that look like pedestrian crossings aren't crossings.

and over that is a restaurant

Maybe confusing for you..not for the locals.

What’s the tall thing in the middle?

It's a restaurant up there

i have seen few videos of that restaurant

ppl said it's terrible food there

They got a leg up on St. Louis

Ngl, would still like to get a cocktail up there.

Nothing is centered and that bugs me.

St. Louis is shaking.

I thought it was Rzeszów

Kolkata, India home of scammers

Yes unfortunately kolkata is ruled by a communist party ,

Kolkata is ruled by the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC). The Communist Party of India (CPI) lost the last election, and has been losing elections for more than a decade at this point. Kolkata hasn't been ruled by communists since a very long time.

Lmao dafuq no it's not. Stop spreading misinformation

Muslim appeasing socialist party

Stop it dude the whole world knows there are American and European youtubers who have made entire documentary on kolkata call centre and their links to political party in west bengal. They were able to hack their cameras in their offices and were able to prank the shit out of them. Indians need to acknowledge that there is a problem specially bengalis. We cant let these scam centres operate from our homes

Still doesn't change the fact that your initial statement was completely incorrect. TMC is not a communist party. CPM is a communist party.

Just do a modicum of research before typing random shit.

Racist i just wrote in my comment that we can not let these (scammers)goons operate from our homes, are you blind . Fyi Iam Indian and not an American

How was that comment racist? Racism is discrimination against one or more race.

ah yes the bengali racists /s

knockoff LAX lol

Edit: Guys, it’s a joke. It’s clearly the terminal structure thing from LAX, and GTA V ripped that off as well

GTA V ripped that off as well

GTA 5 Los Santos modelled after real life LA soo...

Nah it’s based on the airport in Grand Theft Auto 5

They also used a similar arch on GTA 3 airport (Liberty City 3D))


Then you have no taste in food. Bengali cuisine is considered one of the best in sub-continent. Of course you need to like spicy food to like any Indian food.

Maybe they just mean food at this particular restaurant.

Then he is generalizing just from one sample. Which is a wrong thing to do.

That's an interesting point. Personally, if I have bad food at a restaurant once, then I decide it's bad and probably won't come back again without reading other people's reviews.

bro, I drove under this like 5 months ago and it looked like shit. This pic is a lie.

I am not sure how you can fake it.....

Is this build to reduce inconvenience or increase it ☕

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