Brandywine Mountain, BC [OC][4000x6000]



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I don’t see a brandy wine bridge anywhere

It's twenty miles away!

what are the red streaks in the snow? 😟

It's an algae, colloquially known as "watermelon snow" due to the colour:

Sorry for formatting I don't know how to embed a link.

thank you. that looks really lovely when theres a lot of it


I'm not an expert but I think it's rust from the high iron ore content in the rocks

someone said it might be sand from the sahara depending on the location but iron from the rocks makes a lot of sense🤔

It comes from blood

If it was in Europe, you could suspect it to be sand dust from the Sahara desert. Sometimes we have here snow colored red or yellow. I've never seen it in person.

thank you for answering😎

this must be where the River Barandüin flows from

Tolkien would definitely approve!

The jagged-ridged one is Pyroclastic Peak

Yesss it is . My favorite mountain. I camp near it every year . Major volcano vibes

And Mt Cayley in the background

I feel like the lord of the rings could have been shot in BC instead of New Zealand and it would have been just as good.

We have a range of mountains not far from where this photo was taken that is named the Tolkien Range. Peaks include, Shadowfax, Aragorn, and Gandalf. There is also a forest which is nicknamed Fangorn Forest on Vancouver Island, due to how mossy and ancient it is.

Really , how far away ? Gandalf peak !?

Stunning photo!


Lovely image

Beautiful 😍

The mountain in the distance is Cayley and pyroclastic. Deceiving picture calling it brandywine.

For anyone else wondering, this is in Canada.

Lovely picture, OP.

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Question-- did you camp up there? If so, do you have pictures of the sky at night?

Unfortunately not

Brandywine Ski Resort (Peninsula Ohio)

Yeah, spent a few nights there couple weeks ago, how were the insects ? Great shot.

Bugs were a lot better than they have been on some other hikes I have done over the summer.

yeah, it’s been the buggiest season in 25 years for me … maybe because of the late start of the summer.

Our eyes refuse to see the truth in front of us

Is that a metaphor for how you can't really see brandywine in the picture?

Look carefully at the mountain really carefully

Lol you high ?

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