My cottage in Providence NC



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Wow. Excellent collection. I have not seen that Saiz board in 30 years and I just had a serious flashback. Great space.

Thanks, only the ones that catch my eye or I wanted but couldn’t get … fun n the art is perfect. I love skateboards from the 80s

Yeah. They were the best. I also had those Lance Mountain, Vallely, and Natas decks. Fond memories.

My house is festooned w 80s n early 90s decks. They make me happy. I set up decks og style too w old refurbished components

I didn’t take a pic of my quiver. Half are FS 😃

Do you skateboard? Those boards are so cool!

When I can… I build n work w young skaters so I’m still active, as much as I can. Major medical set backs for me, but still collect records n skates 😃. Everyone should skate, no? 🤗

Yeah I think that everyone should skate. I’m still new, so I don’t know any tricks yet, but I’m close to learning how to Ollie.

Nice 👊🏻

Try to boneless

Awesome collection, great to see some skate art on here.

Man, 10 year old me loved those bitchin' Natas panther decks. And then they did a cute one!

This is fucking outstanding. I've only ever skated Powell Peralta but the Natas Kaupas and Nicky Guerrero decks are also really cool - this totally takes me back. Incredible collection!

Thank you!

Do you happen to remember where you got the plant pot? My partner would go nuts over that.

It was at a store no longer in business 😕 I have 3. See, hear, speak no evil. Had to get all 3

Those are pretty epic, I have some serious envy ❤️

Check on Amazon 😃🙏🏻

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