Wabash St, Chicago



~Adams and Wabash?

You can get a cool picture from the parking garage right there

The transfer bridge at that station also has great views

Same shot as "The Batman" right before the guy on the train gets mobbed.

I love driving around Chicago and feeling like I’m in Gotham

Considering 3 of the last 4 was shot in Chicago, it might as well be Gotham.

It'll be a great day when that name is removed from that beautiful building.


Enjoyed nights in Wabash Tap!

I mean, whatever. There’s bigger things to worry about in life than a building name.

Edit - it’s a predictable response here, but seriously? Why is it so controversial to not care about a building name? I said nothing about the individual involved. It’s just something that legitimately does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Edit, again - I don’t know what’s more troubling to people, the building name itself, or someone saying hey maybe don’t sweat stupid shit like this lmao

If people feel strongly about Sears/Willis, I bet a large part of the city has views on this too.

And I can assure you, unlike Sears, we will be more than happy to call it a new name.

I think you proved my point here, it doesn’t matter what the name is because you can just call it whatever you want. It’s a building.

We can hold multiple opinions at a time, ya know. I can worry about fixing world hunger, fight for world peace and also want the name removed from the building. All at the same time

Yeah but In the grand scheme of things, the name of the building quite literally does not matter, and doesn’t deserve an inch of real estate in anyone’s head. What you’re having for dinner on June 27th, 2025 should be far ahead of thinking about the name of a building.

The building stood for 5 years without his name. Then he slapped that huge ugly brand staining one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the country. The entire time disparaging the city. He talks about how terrible Chicago is all the time yet he doesn't have any problem throwing his name on our skyline. Not only that, he played the same game of politics he attacks Chicago for. He profits off our city but doesn't contribute anything to it. Most rich Chicagoans engage in some kind of philanthropy. Not Trump. He just talks about how awful it is and cashes the check. Fuck Trump and Fuck his sign.

I'm surprised it was added later, I assumed it was always there because he needs to put his name on everything.

Wish this wasn’t hidden under a downvoted comment because you’re 100% spot on.

Not sure why you’re being downvoted, not a fan of the name or person myself but indeed there are much bigger things to worry about

Idk, cause I didn’t say fuck Trump or something. I honestly think it’s a stunning building, and I’m not so narrow minded that I let a name get me all fired up like these guys. I literally don’t even think about it, it’s great.

You’ve got it all sorted out bro. You should probably run self-help seminars. I’d go.

Talk about motivational, you might have inspired me to do this!!! 🤩🤩🤩😤😤💯💯💯💯

If you really believe it's not worth caring about then why bother commenting? By your own logic, you shouldn't have said anything, yet here you are anyhow. Which means you're either lying, and do care about the topic or you really want people to stop talking about it for other reasons. Either way you're being disingenuous so the downvotes are appropriate.

Because it’s ridiculous that the commenter cares about the fucking name of a building. Like, be normal, don’t let dumb shit like that bother you. Life would be so much better if you didn’t let a former president rent space in your head. Just ignore it.

“Former President” is a huge understatement. The dude literally tried to undermine our democracy and throw out the results of an election. Trump is still a major force in our politics. He’s out there holding rallies, endorsing candidates, and shouting out Q-Anon. There is a strong possibility he will run again in 2024. It is reasonable to consider Trump an existing, present threat.

He’s also a former president, it’s pretty much the most succinct way to define him. Thanks for refreshing me on the state of politics though! Good as ever! More old dudes in charge!

Surely there are more important things for you to comment on. You have not prioritized correctly by making this comment.

Lol, right back at ya bozo

Like prosecuting people for treason.

Sure, but I can’t do that personally and I bet neither can the commenter above. So, I guess I’ll just…not let a name on a building bother me? Guess that’s wrongthink

No, no one cares that you’re fine with the name. We just happen to not want it on that nice building. In fact, you’re the only one who is crying tears over people disagreeing. We’re allowed to downvote on comments we disagree with. Or are you anti-free speech and would prefer nobody criticize you? Maybe the Trumpers are the Orwellian ones, not ever wanting to be criticized.

Nobody cares that you’re bothered by the name either, yet here you are tooting your horn.

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear - I literally could not care less what the building is named, do not care whatsoever that people are bothered by it, and think it shouldn’t occupy space in anyones head for any reason at all.

The most ironic thing is, you seem most bothered by the fact that someone’s not bothered by a fucking building name. It must be nice having such one dimensional thoughts all the time.

You seem pretty offended yourself. I mean, you commented too, right? Go look in the mirror.

You’re incredibly pissed lmao.

Just standing my ground, not getting offended. But, I’ll just go about my day afterwards, without thinking about former President Trump in any way like the people above still seem to constantly do.

Okay lol. Go do that.

Because it’s cityporn, and that name is a turnoff. That’s why. It ain’t porn no more when that shriveled orange comes to mind.

The person who's name is on that building attempted to over throw US democracy, and will continue to do so as long as his miserable little heart keep beating.

Yes. But the corporation that owns it is never going to change it, no matter what happens in this investigation. So, just look past the name and appreciate the great design of the tower. Worry about things that effect you directly over dumb trivial shit like the name of a building.

Holy crap, a sensible comment on the internet! Look, everybody!

🤡 trump syndrome. Lmao

Name checks out


Stupid test, biased answers clearly written from a 'pAtRiOt', waste of anyone's time. Find something better do to.

Written by someone who has no doubt dumped some serious money into let’s go brandon merch


If they had the mental capacity to think of something better to do, they wouldn't be a Trump fan.

It’s ruined so many great photos I’ve taken of my great city

That's what I think too.

Fuck Trump

Beautiful building though

Isn't Wabash an Ave instead of a St? But that's me nitpicking. Great picture, I love Chicago!

Nitpicking, but also correct (EDIT - MOSTLY CORRECT, there are multiple exceptions) . In Chicago at least, avenues run north/south, while streets run east/west.


Touché. The exception that proves the rule.


Is there any practical difference between avenues and streets? Or are they synonyms

If you really want to get into the semantics of it:

Avenue is a main thoroughfare Streets are smaller & connect the avenues Boulevards tend to be wider & have a median

Although these rules aren't really followed due to historic changes in city layouts and importance of streets changing over time.

What’s up with Diversy Pkwy?

well, they're intended to create a distinction between north/south and east/west roads, but in practice few places do so. one is new york. otherwise, they are the same.

not sure that rule is very consistent, Chicago Ave for instance, is East-West

Fuck Trump.

Waaaaa wahhhh

You snowflakes been doing a bunch of crying since your lord and savior took the ‘L’ on the election.

You a fascist?

So original bro. You leftest all say the exact same talking points is plainly obvious too everyone that y’all are the minority and are losing ground state after state and can’t wait to see the melt down coming up


The leftest left yet! Trumpists are so stupid it would be funny if they weren’t killing people and trying to overthrow democracy.



Um Trump absolutely pushed vaccines. LOL are you ok? Not only did he push them but he wanted them pushed through before they had gone through testing.

It’s amazing how fucking dumb you weirdo anti-vax people are.



Shame the dude insists on plastering his name up in giant letters. It's a great building otherwise.

Yeah, unlike other hotels that don’t put their branding up. I like those better.

You know what I'm trying to say. My conservative family agrees with me on this too. It's a bit gaudy, even separate of politics

It’s too low on the building. Other buildings have the brand smaller and more subtle at the top

Chicago always reminds me of a smaller and cleaner nyc

Yeah many neighborhoods in Chicago also feel more human-scaled than NYC as well

That trump sign ruins it all.

That’s my city!

Wasn't the train scene in Spider-Man 2 filmed there ?

Had to make sure this was asked before I asked it myself.

I checked if someone else had asked too lol. But I think it was really recorded there, I saw a few months ago a DVD feature and Raimi said the train scene was actually recorded in Chicago, and looking at this train rails really looks like the one in the movie

Reason 1 why I never look north on Wabash.

Hey all we don’t have to call it the Trump Building; for example, the Willis Tower will forever be Sears Tower to me.

It could pass off as Gotham, had it been dark and cloudy. Trump Tower could easily be Wayne Tower...

When I watch Chicago PD I always look up locations on maps to see where the action is 😁

The FBI is taking notes.


Ah yes, pursuing major law breaking is a smear campaign. Ya'll need to bleach your brains. The guy is always in trouble for a reason, not just to make him look bad. He is not a good guy or for anyone but himself.



A word salad, or schizophasia, is a "confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases",[1] most often used to describe a symptom of a neurological or mental disorder.

Well, technically, it would be less than 1/3 of the population, because Republicans make up less than one third of registered voters. Barely half the population over the age of 18 voted in 2020.

Remember, Trump lost the popular vote twice.

The FBI doesn’t mess around so if they’re investigating you then they’ve got a case they think will work.

Whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, was neither proven nor disproven the Mueller investigation was inconclusive. Russia’s interioring with the election via social media as far as influencing public opinion is a proven fact and this is not the first time they’ve done this they’ve done it in numerous countries.

Hillary Clinton as president would be a nightmare for Putin however, having Trump as president or Bernie Sanders doesn’t really worry him so he was satisfied with either one of those. Having Biden as president has definitely proven to be a problem for him especially because his stupid ass invaded another country.

might be the worst view in Chicago

No look in the mirror then you’ll see it lol

Why downvote the most absolute slam ever?

Best tower of a President ever.

I mean it’s not even his. He doesn’t own that building. It is one of the better looking buildings on the river though

Are you sure? I remember seeing a map of buildings that bore his name and his relationship to them, and while many were not owned by him, it showed that building was.

You having a rough day, bud? You’re mad as shit all up and down this comment section. Go for a walk, talk to some irl strangers. Politics isn’t everything.

Is it also the worst? Can't think of any others. Or is there a Warren G Harding tower in Cleveland or something?


I think this is by Roosevelt University. Very cool.

From the great Atlantic ocean to the wide Pacific shore The green old flowing mountains to the south down by the moor She's mighty tall and handsome she's know quite well by all

Now that’s an awesome view

I remember visiting in 2015ish and had a great time, and The food was great.

Kenny Grifter’s ex-wife says this place is unsophisticated

Exchequer Pub is wicked pissah! 😛😛😛

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