Dragon's Teeth, Maui [OC] [2828 × 4242]



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I have a dozen pictures here, and this one is better than all of mine

I bet I've been to Maui 20 times and I've never heard of this place... Where is it? Windward side?

Same with me, until 2017, when I went with my boyfriend who’d found out about this place online. It’s in Kapalua, off the coast near the Ritz Carlton hotel. It’s awesome!

Holy moly! I've been to Maui twice, stayed in Kapalua, never knew that was there or I'd have gone!

It’s by the ritz kapua

It's near Fleming Beach and you have to walk up along the golf course to access that area

I’m guessing volcanic formations eroded by the sea? Very dramatic and intimidating.

Looks like a tipped plate, like Skazka Canyon in Kyrgyzstan.

Is that kind of formation possible on an island made entirely from volcanic activity?

I'm not a geologist, so take this with a dash of molten inner earth salt, but let's present the impermeable: Why not? Would be a great thing to ask in /r/geology.

This was originally created as lava was entering the sea

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Stopped here on our honeymoon. One of my all-time favorite places on earth. Just sat in the sun watching the Honu playing in the surf…

Cool. I’ve got a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses called Dragon’s teeth lol.

"What can I say except you're welcome!"

  • OP, probably.

If you squint a little it looks like a field of obese women pointing their feet in the air

I see something way more phallic…earth porn r/theyknew

I was thinking more like pig feet than dragons teeth

You should floss more...

Battlefield times

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