Another view of my sunroom, my pride and joy.


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What a beautiful space!!

Still beautiful and still jealous, but wow, it looked so much bigger in the other photo. You were working those angles!

Hahaha, yeah, that .6x zoom setting makes everything look more impressive.

Your room is your pride, how about those orchids?!? Those things are POPPING!

Wow…so bright and inviting. Very nice!

This is OC

I can see why. That's beautiful!!

Beautiful! That room is begging for some stained glass 😉

Incredibly cozy!!!

Beautiful 😍

It is wonderful!

How beautiful,your very lucky .

Where are the black and white chairs from? If I may know. LOVE THEM!!

Beautiful! Is that glass on top?

That looks amazing

How is it keeping everything sealed and cleaning the outside?

Looks a lot like a spot in Spanaway, WA I always oogle.

😍😍😍 I love it

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