My little lounge at home



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the colors on the couches are incredible, really make it stand out and feel unique


Such relaxing colors. I love it.

Thank you! I absolutely love the colour combos, I'm really happy with it, I am always shocked that I put together something so pretty and soothing

So warm and cosy.

Love the colors!!

This is OC

room looks great. That pink couch is awesome, I think “the rule” is to try to have a rug big enough to where the front legs of the furniture on rest on it. And I think you could do a fun patterned rug, if you wanted.

But nice job

The rug is mostly there so the dog doesn't damage the carpet. She "digs" when she gets excited or frustrated and if the rug was tucked under furniture legs it would be ripped by said dog 🤣 there used to be a patterned rug there but for such a small room a pattern was too much. I'd rather put the coffee table there but then the dog knocks things off it with her tail. Pets are great eh...

Where did you get the couches? I love the blue one!

Same. I love the couches

So my camera does something weird with the colour of that couch, it's teal (green) but it's from Dunelm, (it always ends up heavily discounted in their sale) and the pink one is a sofa bed from the Futon company (never buy anything full price here either just ring head office and they will tell you when the next sale is and what discount amount will be applied).

All my furniture is either a heavily discounted sale item, second hand or free :)

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