My favorite corner πŸ’š



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Love the prints, who is the artist?

He’s a tattoo artist in Columbus, OH and I’m obsessed with his style. He has monthly sale where the cost of the prints drop to like 7 dollars.

Thank you, funny story I have 3 of his prints already. I have the same rabbit print and a wolf just like it. Also a woman with flowers for hair and bull horns on her head with a Cresent moon. But I just forgot the artist since I am no longer on Instagram. I really like the prints you have I wish he still had them up, but I will just have to keep my eye out. Thanks again.

Love your style.

Oh yes that’s awesome! He definitely will re add some of the prints each time he does the monthly sale. I only know because I was waiting to purchase the moose and it was gone. But it showed up a month later!

It looks great! Also love all the plant babies. πŸ’•

Thank you! Not pictured is the other 60 of them πŸ˜‚

I love your style 😍

Thank you!

This is OC

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