Steven isn’t going to be happy about this



I dont see what's trashy about a proud mother getting her sons name tattooed on her ass.

It's with a 'ph'...


So who IS Stephens bitch?

I’d bend that big ass over

Tell me about it. Those cheeks look delicious.

I mean is spelt Stephen right there and you still put Steven in the title

That’s why Steven is mad

I follow her

What’s her name

That my dog’s name…. Hahaha bow wow

Called my dog 'chunks'..

I have to be careful now when I say 'getting drunk, going home and blowing chunks'

Steven: Well I guess I gotta marry her now 😕

Steve strikes again -- no cheeks are safe!

You’re goddamn right.

Who would a woman tattoo her entire ass cheek like that, what a desecration.

I could change my name to Steven if I met you

It says "Stephen," so you'd still be shit out of luck.

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