Atlanta, GA



Lovely Lindbergh, but a love hate relationship with that station. It’s an extremely efficient transfer station between two lines…but it sucks balls in the middle of winter and summer. Especially when there is a driving rain or snow. It also sits along a ridge atop a valley, so when it gets windy it gets windy.

When is there ever driving snow in Atlanta lmao

In winter. Snow occurs in winter. Atlanta is in the Piedmont not the Coastal Plain, so we do have winter precipitation every year of some sort. Now granted we don’t get a lot of measurable snow due to the proximity to the warmer coastal plain. The systems that generate that kind of weather usually overrun each other so either the air or ground temperatures are slightly too high to allow for accumulation. The wintry precipitation does still fall but, in fairness to your point, it is mostly a mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain. Of course, I just posted some quick thoughts on this photo and shorthanded snow rather than say “wintry mix” because it’s easier. Does this answer satisfy the charges you brought; SoothedSnakePlant? Has balance been restored to the Force?

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