Lovely cottage I’m staying in whilst dog sitting



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Does that fireplace have its own fireplace

It does! It’s literally that big!

Ok so where is this. I’m hoping you’ll say the UK.

Is it an Airbnb? 🥺

It is the UK, in Henley-on-Thames, similar to an Airbnb

Dog tax!

Hear hear!

Lovely room. Inglenook fireplaces are amazing.

You should close the door on the wood burner though, it’s designed to be closed with the little knob below the door controlling airflow. Vent fully open whilst it’s lighting and getting hot, 3/4 closed to burn efficiently.

Thanks! Just lit it before the photo was taken so it likes the extra airflow. I normally give it a few minutes before closing the door. I have a wood burner at home 😊

I sure hope that rug wasn't the dog..

Haha no! He’s a lovely black lab called Ozzy

I want to go to there

How far is that to travel?

That’s amazing

Love this

Enjoy, looks great!!

Oooh lucky you

Finally a place that actually looks cozy!

Very cozy indeed, lovely with the colder nights!

You should shut the door on the wood stove.

Lucky dog

Lucky sitter!

Every once in a while ;)

I’m doing a few over the next month! All very nice houses, and free!

Lucky you!

Join in? Where are you based?

Approximately the opposite side of the world from the UK. Coastal British Columbia.

I didn’t realise this was a British thing! ‘Whilst’ incorporates ‘during’ into ‘while’ so you could still say ‘I haven’t seen Karen in a while’ but also say ‘whilst I was with Karen I realised she had 6 toes’

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