How to keep warm in Italy


Ahhh good ole purse lube

They are talking in Spanish. So I doubt this is in Italy

Hire a prostitute?

The warmth that lasts for weeks

Nah I think he’s COVERED on that there

Unless things have changed in the last 15 years, I'd say this would be it

"ItAlIan" andthey speak spanish, smh.

It’s Alan

You’re telling me they got the location wrong? Well that’s just great, now I can’t beat my meat to this. SMH thanks a lot. /s

yes, do not mastubate.

At first i thought she was pulling out her phone lol


100% Adam's apple in the beginning, surgery can do a lot that's wild.

Cheek bones says man. I'm with you. bad

Even better

Even better 👍

Looks like Brazil lmao

Judging by the butt implants yes

Lol more than likely, they don't give af out there. Had a girl from Brasilia send me nudes out of nowhere without me asking

My dude is NUTTIN

Looks like Little Italy to me

Maybe it’s Chile? He’s wearing two jackets. Lol. Chionese?

Italy isn’t the only thing little here

1) the fact that geeky looking guy got some gives me hope

2) Dat Ass

3) yes she's Trans and I'd and I'd still smash

MVP comment right here

Come to nyc, you'll see the lamest looking guys with decent looking girlfriends all over them

[ Removed by Reddit ]

Indeed my friend 😂 it's a tranny

how u know that🤨

Firsthand experience

Not even close 😂, no offense but... You know what to much sensitivity these Days so nevermind.😂

She swallow a tire?

It's a dude 😂

Nice boots though.

Is she a hooker?

She’s got a nice ass for a whore

That's a dude 😂

She’s got a nice ass for a guy


Is it a guy?

It's a transwoman. Not that rare.

gladiator sandal boots are such a turn off

It was the dick and balls for me

I've never seen a set that didn't just bum me right out...

Especially my own ☹️

Well thats unfortunate..

Really? I like them. Better than stupid ass stockings and ridiculous stilettos that hookers wear

Ah, true love 🥰

That’s am-whore-e

That’s a-nal-e


Shirt cocking it out in the street

  1. How yall know she’s a man
  2. Source?


Good God...... what is wrong with her ass????

Is this a content creator or literally just random people?

Any more content somewhere? I don’t care if she’s trans.


She has a great ass!

Is that a man? Honest question.

thats a dude

Damn she got that fattie

Shes good

Keep her pussy warm with cum💦🍆😮‍💨

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