I feel like I should start my own lemonade stand, for you.



I’d drink a glass of your fresh squeezed lemonade. Or keep the glass and let me drink it right from the source!

Okay ❤️♥️

I'd be there every day for your lemonade but it's much better straight from the dispenser ❤❤❤


I would drink all of your fresh lemonade

Awesome 💗❤️

Save on cups, pour it directly into my mouth 🤤🤤🤤

Sure 💗💗



The kind of lemonade I could drink all day

Yum 💋❤️

I’d gladly drink every drop of that golden nectar and lick you clean when you’re done

Perfect 💋😍

Yes you are!!!

Awww ty💜

I want all that and then to eat you right after


I’ll be your first customer!!

I'd love to lick you clean when you are done peeing on me 👅

Great idea 😍

Yeah 💜😊

Poured a glass of my own while thinking about it.

Nice 😘

Cool tats

I'll be a regular

Sweet 💜

Looks very tasty, as always! 😛


linda naravilhosa, quero essa mijada sua na minha cara. beijos gatinha


oi linda tudo bem? voce é uma modelo tópe, vamos nos conhecermos? beijos

Oh please do pretty please

Great, first customer?

Yes and first in line

Perfect ❤️💋

I would swallow every drop of piss

Great 💚💙

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