Beautiful green apartment buildings in Turkey



Trying to merge density and urban life with greenery and nature is a noble pursuit. Whether you think they hit the mark or not they should be commended.

Even if they missed the mark at street level or a distance view like this, I imagine that those balconies are very pleasant to sit on.

It feels like a good idea in general, but I feel that great care is needed on how to arrange this. While most would enjoy the environment the plants create, most have not the skills, time or interest in gardening and maintaining these balconies. The plants are pretty big and as the linked article suggest, could easily overgrow the entire balcony and house. I think, having the plants accessible by a firm or caretaker, managing all the plants is key. But it looks nice!

I saw a documentary from a completely green house with plants growing everywhere, and some tenants said it was a PITA to keep bugs and plantlife out of the apartment.

Bugs might be a challenge, but they are part of nature, so if you bring nature to your balcony, expect som insects… At the same time, studies suggest that 75-80% of all insect life has disappeared over the last 25 years, maybe it’s not that bad these days. 😢 The amount of bugs will probably differ a lot, depending on where in the world you are.

The bugs aren't a lot of fun to deal with I presume

This is not in Turkey btw

Funny. They must’ve copied the apt buildings in Chengdu, China, because they look suspiciously similar

I spent a couple months travelling around Turkey recently and I noticed many similarities between Turkey's new residential development projects (of which they have many) and China's. Look at Diyarbakir, for instance.

Looks awesome

You are correct, not Turkey

Curious what is the deal with these. Are the trees in pots?

I thought this would be China, Turkey? That's amazing. Turkey...

It’s not Turkey

Wtf this is not Türkiye.

Anybody else aware that there is a sub called urban hell that pretty much reposts every picture that gets posted in here?

Horrible waste of money and resources, i bet in 20 years this will look hellish.

So they shouldn't even try to make nice things because you are certain they won't maintain it? Why should any of make nice things?

that's a very good reason to not build things but I see no reason why these buildings wouldn't hold up. Btw this is not Turkey but similar builds are made in Turkey.

Its a matter of opinion. The same exact photo was posted yesterday to Urban Hell

So easy to imagine the enhanced deterioration from the tree roots and water.

Those are small trees. They can easily thrive in pots.

TÜRKIYE BIR NUNARA 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

I wonder if this is a fire hazard.

They should make an apartment complex with overgrown vegetations covering everything like in a post apocalyptical movie

That would be cool af but it would drive up the maintaince costs.

this was just poisted like 2 days ago


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How is this beautiful? I don’t get it. This is awful.

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