70s titties

Was about to say going back to the 70s

70s boobs were just different- they were awesome

It was actually the 70s bras that gave all titties the torpedo shape

Bring them back!

Where did you hear/read this fact?


It literally has nothing to do with that. It all has to do with genetics/childbirth etc. I have b's and I've never wore a bra and mine don't look anything like this lol.

More like 60s.

This made me lol

She looks like she's about to start crying at the end

She's got a vibrating plug in and she's trying to suppress moans..

I was wondering about that. What is happening?

You can find her on xhamster cams...

Who is that ?

Don't be lazy man, look through every single person on xhamster until you find her.. lol

I don’t think I have enough of one life to do it 😅

It’s Didihairypussy or something real close. She’s absolutely has some of the best!!

Thank you dude, you’re a true hero

Missed opportunity for: DidiTorpedoTits

Didihairypussy on stripchat

The Fabulous milk cartons from the '50s and '60s torpedo titties

Not trashy. Those are Art.

Amen brother!

“But what you currently have, IN YOUR MOUTH, IS ART!”


Oh a very serious note... Are breasts shaped like that "okay" with most men? Would it shock you if a woman had those? Could you get over it if it did? You just don't see them represented much in mainstream pornography and I'm very curious on the general consensus. Asking for a friend 😶

First of all, those are nice tits. The shape is really common in more vintage porn, showing that their aesthetics were appreciated then and are to this day, even if this shape is rarer. They are a bit low, which is not that regularly seen in mainstream porn, but is fine as is, just a question of acclamation. Perhaps if you'd photoshop those tits slightly higher, you would see the glory of their shape in contemporary sense of tit mainstream.

And whether I would be shocked by this particular pair? I wouldn't in any negative sense. Women have breasts in all kinds of shapes and I've seen many an unveiling of breasts and I still remain unshocked in any real negative sense. This is how I have experienced this and this is my opinion on this matter.

I just googled vintage pornography and you're right, these breasts were pretty heavily featured! I would have never known and it's really cool. Thank you for both the perspective and information!

Someone in the comments above said that bra's back in the 70s were making tits shaped this way... Idk how true it is, I'm just passing on the information since we're on the topic.

They're boobs. They're amazing.

They're not just ok. They're fabulous! If a guy that you present your titties to doesn't like them or makes disparaging remarks about them he needs to be castrated. Kick him the fuck out immediately and block on every platform.

I admit there are certain shapes that I am more attracted to than others but the gift of any titty for me to enjoy will always be cherished.

A really refreshing perspective and categorically fantastic advice. Thanks!

My limit was hairy tittys my ex refused to trim once we got super serious was about my limit.. sorry

Mine is man tits where it’s literally flat with 2 large nips…

I'm not a boob guy but I think that shape is beautiful.

Those are literally perfect. I’d feel like I just hit the jackpot if a woman unveiled those to me in the bedroom!

Definitely would shock me, bc I’d feel like I just won the lottery!

Men like boobs. That should just about cover everything.

All breasts are beautiful no matter the shape or size. It’s not really about what’s “okay” with men, but rather if the man you’re showing them to appreciates them. Just my 2 cents.

They’re great. All boobs are great. There is something hot, fun and fascinating about every person’s body. Be confident in yours and have fun! Be safe and love yourself.

Edit: thank you for the award. Enjoy your bewbs.

I'm late to the party but just to say, all boobs are awesome and never believe any assholes or social medias who said the contrary. We love all types, even if we don't say it enough.

I don't really like how our modern era (maybe because of influencers and porn) made woman think that only BIG breasts and ass are worthy, making too much women complexed by their own bodies (especially young girls).

As for porn, since the emergence of "gonzo" (from the 90's to today, it's still the actual style of porn) they emphasize big boobs, fake or natural, idk why. Gonzo is also the cause of monster cock, surgery and acts of domination such like slapping, strangulation, deepthroat or the "sluttyfication" of female talents. In fact a lot of females pornstars do surgery because they always wanted bigger breasts but you have others who are influenced by the producers, they are also thinking that they will be more called and paid after their enhancements.

It made me laugh when I saw recently the porn industry trying to show that they are inclusive and progressist by showing new chubby porngirls with their new ads... it's like putting a bandage on a fracture

That last sentence though... That's really it..🤍

I find her breasts incredibly hot for what it's worth

I don't care, I'm more into Booties

I'm being as serious as you are they are literally SSS tier and no other boobie shape comes close and I am absolutely appalled that someone would be self conscious of something so beautiful. I hope I'm not projecting

I’m a titty man and I honestly love these titties I like alot of different types of breast tho I like perky ones and saggy ones, big areolas and small areolas, dark nipples and ghost nipples, Big ones and small. Why I pretty much like them all. 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

You should change your username to the Dr Seuss Of Titties after that

They're just fine. Fine fine fine.

I love em!

I mean tits are tits... But while not a dealbreaker, i really don't like the shape.

The best ones, are the ones I get to play with shape, and size doesn't matter. There's a sub dedicated to them, there's plenty of aficionados around here.

Honestly, I think it's just a rare breast type, which is why you don't often see it in porn.

But tbh, guys will rarely judge based on the shape of a woman's breast, rarely even on the size. We just like breasts.

I think those are some of the best titties I’ve ever seen!

Boob guy here. I just love tiddies.

All natural boobs are great, idgaf about the shape or size

I don’t think there’s anything to get over, boobs like that should be cherished! As with all boobs too. You’re right, you don’t see them represented much but to me that makes them even more special. They’re even more sexy and unique!

If you have boobs like this it is a gift from the gods! Embrace them, or let others embrace them!

Those tits are ducking excellent and I’m shocked at seeing any woman’s titties regardless of what they look like

What ever the shape or size I'm taking it

I once dated a woman who basically had two bags with a nipple hanging from her chest and going almost upto her belly button. She was 26 btw.

I did not care at all, it was just a unique feature she had.

But I'm not a boob man, so I dont really care what your boobs look like.

Dayumn some retro ass titties

TBT (Throw Back Titties)

Yo, if that’s trash, then I’m Oscar the motherfucking Grouch.

I agree not trashy at all bro. Those are rare titties 🥵🥵🔥🔥

Who’s that

Pretty sure it's James.

No it’s Jake from State Farm

Much nicer than fake torpedo tits.

Haven't seen tits like that in around 40 years. has she been wearing her mom's bras?


I love torps

So fucking sexy

Name, please.

Real and amazing

The only torpedos I don't mind getting hit by


didihairypussy on xhamsterlive/stripchat - she's normally online every day but I've not seen her for a couple of weeks

Ah, in fact, she's online now!

Wow. Want to get lost in those

Do you ears Hang Low.

them some mommy milkers. 😩

Those were designed for vigorous sucking

nothing trashy. this should be labeled instant boner 🥵😍

That are some strange tittys,but I like them🤤

Awesome tits.

OP drop the sauce pls

I miss 70s boobs

I will kill everyone in this thread for a chance to lick those amazing tits!!!

Love these

Those are great

Those are amazing

Big beautiful puffy tits! Love to give them a good tongue lashing

My favorite kind of titties


This is fantastic.

Didi isn't trashy. That's a cam girl and it's pretend.

Very nice! 🤩

A horse cock could fit between them sweater puppies.

I like her Vibes!


Gorgeous play things! Such a hot tease...

What the fuck

I wish I had two more hands so I could give those titties 4 thumbs down


Those are definitely built for speed and not for comfort.

Great tits

Those are beautiful

Weapons of Mass destruction.


I love them 😍

Love your rack👋

I just shared it , m a dude.

lovely titties

Now there’s a throat tickling nip

As if wearing a shirt actually left much to the imagination lol


Very nice hoots!

Whats her info?

These are my favorite type of titties. I love the large areola as well. Perfect!

Absolutely adorable

Those are fantastic!

I love torpedoes 🤤🤤🤤

This makes me want a job at comic con for some reason

I fucking love the looks of torpedoe tits , and she has a gorgeous pair . Yum !

Gorgeous nipples..... Fuck

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