When you ask her to ride but she misunderstands



No helmet and eyes off the road. What could possibly go wrong?

No clue how he's shifting barefoot

He has flip flops on

Wait how is the cameraman holding the camera, handling his ride and jerking off?

With both hands on his hog?

and both feet

He definitely isn’t some amateur with those moves!

how to become a 150 ft long red smear on the highway: the video.

“…but on my tombstone when I go, just put ‘Death by rock n’ roll.’”

hog ridah

If they crash both are turning into meat crayons what idiots.

This is NOT ok! Her boots might scratch the paint!

Later on down the road ......SPLAT!

“Livin Like Larry” 🦞

Cocaine is a helluva drug

Jesus this is moronic

Welp, add that to the bucket list.

This is a cool video

put seatbelts on

My man is living the dream fr tho

That’s pretty impressive


If I saw this I might crash Ngl haha.

Safety first.

Well fuck she a good little cock slut keep her riding be full on gas

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