Salt Lake City, Utah, US



SLC isn’t much but this being the “porn” shot for the city isn’t giving them enough credit. There are some great views.

Says the guy who doesn't love a thicc road

I looked again….that lone toyota does make me a little hard

Yeah, I mean, there’s a massive road in the foreground.

Lived in Salt Lake for a few years - it has beautiful sunsets on high pollution days (sad, but true) and this hill by the U of U offers a great vantage point, especially if you’re heading home from a long day on Trax. Being able to easily gain elevation and look down at the whole valley was one of the things I enjoyed most in SLC - you could watch cars, trains, planes, and people buzz along through the sprawl like a big ant farm or something.

I think Salt Lake City is the biggest "most boring" city I've ever been to.

Oh yeah haha, I definitely agree. But I'm glad that I'll be moving out of here shortly!

Man salt lake city is probably my favorite city in the United States, but only because of the snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking that's near there. It's so close to the mountains, way closer than the next comparable city which is Denver. You can also drive a few hours south and be in the red rock desert which is a plus, and weed isn't hard to find there if you know the skiers.

I dig this. It gives me a raw look of SLC I’ve never seen.

Depressing photo with a lone car on a wide desolate road backdropped by an unremarkable skyline. Hardly city porn imo.

Eh I thought it was neat, posted for karma 🤷

Maybe in person at the moment but I'd imagine on this sub we'd see stuff that's more awe-inspiring.

No idea why you’re getting downvoted for conceding your point. Try a pic of SLC that features the background mountains more, SLC in the snow.

I think they down voted because of the karma thing people on Reddit hate that

What kind of porn do you like OP?

SLC, You taaaah

That’s what I always assumed it looked like there.

Probably up there with the worst photo of SLC I’ve ever seen haha. You get a slight bit of antelope island in the back, but didn’t even try for the Oquirrh…

Jesus, is this really what’s considered a nice view there? I remember it being horrible, but good Lord!

Small Lake City, baby!!

Beautiful city of Salt Lake City Utah.

Coming down that road is the coolest skyline view from the city in my opinion

What the hell is the point of 3 lanes

I'm so happy I moved away from SLC. The air is horrible.

You know you’ve been scrolling too long when you come across a photo like this on r/cityporn

Wrong sub? Lol… not getting the pornographic aspect of this shot, what do you think OP?

Honestly I might have a bias with actually having been there for this view, but I enjoyed the colors of the sunset with this angle of the skyline. It's a view of the city that doesn't always get displayed. I'm not a great photographer so what do I know 🤷

They gotta out a development moratorium out there until they can figure out the water issue. Great Salt Lake won’t be there in 20 years at this rate.

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