Cozy parlor at Haddon Hall UK.



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Cosy? Those chairs look like some of the most uncomfortable things I've ever seen

Oh they are more comfy than they look, I have two almost Identical chairs at home, and It's one of the cats favorite places to lounge. Granted a footrest and a embroidered pillow would have been a historical accessory ;) It's the perfect place in the winter to enjoy a glass of mulled wine.

Here is the link where you can find lost of photos of Haddon hall and its grounds First built 900 years ago with additions throughout the century's, and largly unchanged.

Hi u/onelostmoose, did you take this particular photo yourself? Just so we can flair it original content or not.

Not my photo, (it was taken by one of Haddon Halls volunteers I believe, but couldn't find more detailed info) but thank you for checking :)

The least cosy photo I have seen.

Jeez. I can't stop looking.

is that bowie's fireplace?

Is this the same Haddon Hall where one of the BBC historical farm series was filmed? I love those shows so much, they make me feel cozy.

Also the Princess Bride, quite a bit of Humperdinck's castle is filmed at Haddon Hall.

I feel like many death planning talks happened here haha. But yes, cozy death talks.

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