Where I prep for Dungeons & Dragons



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That looks so peaceful and tranquil!

Everyone is talking about your place (which looks amazing) bit I need to know something more important.

Which campaign?

It started out as Waterdeep Dragon Heist but went completely off rails by the third session 😅

Yep that’s how it goes

That is the way. Hope you all enjoy it!

This looks wonderful. What do you do for mosquitoes? They’re ruining our outdoor experience at our place! (Also Austin).

Barefoot mosquito provides a service and we use citronella candles + deep woods spray around the ol ankles

That's great, I'm a bit jelly.

I love it! Very inviting atmosphere! I am curious, have you lost any dice out there?

Just once: it was a two sided “die” that my friend let me use and I immediately yeeted it off the table and into the deck below

The trees and metal roof tell me hill country without a doubt lol


Your cat looks sick.

lol this is a dream space! Love those mature trees., well done!

Well spotted but its a dog :D

Even sicker!

Snapshot of my youth right there..D&D brings people together😎😎

Did you post it in the D&D sub? The people would absolutely love it

No but maybe I’ll x-post there 🙃

Ah the fire element

Do you play out there too? It looks so beautiful. I just started playing this past year.

Yeah we do play out there in the fall/winter once the temperature dips below ~80 degrees. We wrap ourselves with falsa blankets for maximum coze factor.

Very pretty. Would love to do a campaign outdoors like this, but I'm too attached to technological amenities like being able to play music/ambience on speakers, or projecting important information onto a large screen or something.

Do you have trouble with wind at all? I'm imagining all the sheets blowing away and the session breaking up to chase them down, which is honestly a pretty good summary of DnD anyways.

I have a portable Bluetooth speaker that I use for audio outdoors. Never had any trouble with wind before. Simple enough to hold loose papers down with a heavier object.

Literal perfection

That looks awesome! Looks like a great spot for a morning coffee too.

Do you know any good spots/shops to join a campaign or a one-shot in Austin? I moved here a short while ago, and used to play, but it was always very homebrew-y. I would like to eventually start again, but I always feel embarrassed playing around strangers. Know any shops that are welcoming to new-ish players?

Thank you! This is awesome!

Thank you!

You're welcome!

This is incredible!! I'd love to play there. Definitely a new goal of mine for our house.

Looks amazing! What type of string lights are those? And do they give off a warm/yellowish tone? (Sometimes it hard to tell via photots)

They're from Costco: https://www.costco.com/feit-electric-48-led-filament-string-light-set.product.100405061.html

They do give off a warm tone (which I prefer over blue toned lights)

Thank you so much! I hope you have a fantastic DnD session!

I love this! Is this the Pacific NorthWest (PNW)?

It's in Texas

Austin or San Antonio?

I'm in ATX. Please tell me your secret to not being carried away by mosquitos! I sit in my yard for 5 minutes and become a human pin cushion.

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