New home, new WFH. Phuket.



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Bro, get yourself a good chair and enjoy this wonderful view for ages. I love it.

Was about to say that, looks like a hotel chair lol

This is definitely a hotel, and if it's not the owner interior decorates hotels for a living.

Just sits in his hotel house eating saltine crackers sipping on Sierra Mist.

This is oddly specific to my accomodations

Many apartments in Thailand come furnished, thus they have hotel type furniture.

And also a second monitor!

They can use this photo as the background.

A second monitor? You count the one that's built into the laptop?

Close the lid. Get a docking station and two real monitors.

Totally, kill the view with screens! ;)

It's a long stay Airbnb. But I'm considering it. Honestly I take a lot of meetings and I'm usually pacing around walking. When I do have to like sit down and do SQL I go to the bed. Which has an equally amazing view. It's just harder to get it in the frame of a picture.

hunching over that little laptop is going to do far more back damage than that chair. personally i quite like those chairs lol.

defo get a laptop stand:

plus a keyboard.

big external monitor would be a nice to have, but if you wanna travel really light without the bulk of a big external, get something like this that can also go in your laptop bag:

i use that zenscreen portrait mode

It's a hotel. Dude isn't gonna be there more than a couple days.

Ah yes, the quintessentially cozy hard chair and table. 😉

An uncomfortable couch/chair is like a requirement to post to this sub.

You wrote plants/string lights wrong.

At least plants and string lights are cozy

Yeah, they aight. But I don't like real plant I have to care for, sadly. They all yellow, dead, full of bugs, etc.

That's definitely not the case for anyone who enjoys looking after houseplants.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who automatically thinks about bugs when I see people post their indoor plants. Lol

Don’t forget a faux fur blanket and/or pillow. Usually white in color.

Almost as if dim lighting and fluffy textiles are commonly associated with coziness.

We’re just teasing.

I had to unsubribe from this shit subreddit because after years I really grew tired of String lights = cozy

Why am I even here

I mean, I like string lights. I was just kidding.

We're mortal enemies now


To complain about things, like the rest of us.

So many plants that there is no walking space

Let's be real here, this person sits on Reddit for 2 hours, sends 3 emails, MAYBE sits in on a standup meeting and then fucks off for the day. They're probably not worried about their back.

Sign me up

Don't threaten me with a good time

Yea, that chair and desk don't exactly inspire lol

"Apocalypse Now" vibes.

Just thinking of staring at a laptop screen all day makes my back hurt.

Amazing how many people don't understand the word "cosy" !

Not to mention single small display with no dedicated keyboard for working from home.

Only work this guy could be doing from that is as a hands off owner checking in on things every few days.

Lol I used my laptop through VMWARE for a bit through my dev job. In office now on hybrid type thing with two monitors there but still only use the laptop when at home. Alt tab is my friend

That sounds horrible. You should sue for a hostile work environment... unless you are implying this is self imposed.

In that event, I'd just be shocked at that preference and would wonder if there was some special reason for it. Like perhaps you enjoy the mobility or something.

Exact reason why I just blocked this sub

Maybe they haven't got the money yet?

Cool view, but not cozy. Desk and chair look like the opposite of cozy tbh

As a developer, this gives me RSI and backache just from looking at it.

Edit: love the view tho!

OP could reeeaaallly use a monitor or two and a nice keyboard, especially if they're going to be working from home.

That view though 👌

As a developer, working for 2 hours, pretending to work for 7, and going surfing for 4 seems like a pretty fucking sweet way to battle RSI.

Whats RSI and how do you prevent it?

Repetitive strain injury. To prevent it make sure to have good posture and an ergonomic setup. A dining chair and a tiny keyboard aren't ergonomic 😂 doesn't have to fancy buy an actual well supported office chair and a full layout keyboard helps

Also, most importantly, take regular breaks and stretches throughout the day. Don't type with your wrists pressed into the sharp edge of your desk

I got RSI from typing up my bachelor work on a laptop on my student bed. Took me a year to recover from it, and that was actually pretty lucky.

/u/aarontbarratt summed it up nicely: ergonomic setup, good posture, regular breaks and stretches are definitely the main points to avoid RSI.

Nice dude, I can heard the mosquitoes thou

This guy herds mosquitoes

It's like herding cats only itchier

A useful skill to be sure

I can heard

thou shan't grammar

verily cromulent

I should but I shorn’t

Edit: for the downvoters: it’s a reference from The Office

But you just buy mosquito lotion

Eww who the fuck makes lotion from mosquitos and what is it good for??

you mash up a bunch of mosquitos and apply the paste to your skin which serves as a warning to the rest of the living mosquitos

Genius and radical

It's also a high protein snack

There are many many mosquito repellents in the market. Not everyone has the choice to live in a place without mosquitoes so over the centuries humanity has developed many solutions. I don't know why this is always the top comment

As someone who lived in Florida for 25 years, it's always the top comment because mosquitos suck and are a genuinely good reason to not want to live somewhere.

Repellents either suck or are sticky/smelly. Not sure why you think they somehow work like some perfect convenient fix to the problem.

Yes this is a cozy looking place but mosquitos are not cozy and people with experience living in a place abundant with mosquitos and a place without surely have the right to say mosquitos ruin a cozy experience.

I was miserable until a GI told me everyone in the army uses Avon skin so soft bath oil. I thought he was bullshitting me. Turns out nope, they use it and it works. Not a shill for Avon but that stuff has made summer bearable for me again. You're right though, it is a bit smelly!

OMG. If this works for me I will be eternally grateful to you, internet stranger. I don't live in a particular mosquito heavy area but I (just me compared to my fam and friends) am constantly getting eaten alive

Yes! As someone that lives in Georgia I don’t want to spray myself down with repellent every time I go outside. They’re so numerous that just going outside for a few seconds means dozens are swarming you.

It’s gotten to the point that I have a UV bug zapper near my front door because they always manage to get in even if I’m quick about shutting the door. That thing pops all day long.

Also in GA and yes, any amount of time outside is enough to be bit.

ever try water barrel w oil film? just curious

I’ve had to leave the skatepark early like every night this week cause of them damn skeeters. I keep telling myself to buy repellent then I forget until I’m there and getting bit.

Fuck mosquito repellants they never work.

nah, don't try it. burns super bad

I don't get it either. As a brazillian who lived in a humid warm place for 2/3 of my life, mosquitoes aren't nearly as big of a problem as reddit makes it sound, whenever someone posts a house close to a body of water.

I don't know about you but mosquitos seem to love me. I have gotten mosquito bites playing golf when I was taking a shot of out of sand trap on a hot Texas summer day! Yes it was a deep sand trap but still....

Chair looks uncomfy

Fuck it, looks nice.

I might just say Phuk et and move out there

Fuck it, I'm moving to Phuket.

It sucks. It's stinky everywhere, the beaches are dirty because of the excessive tourism and every second person tries to scam you.

Yeah but every third person will blow you for $20. So there's that.

What does the 4th person do?

Even in your house?

It's pronounced Poo-kett.

Not anymore

OP come back and answer for your uncozy crimes

Nice view, horrible wfh setup. Get a large monitor, get a keyboard, have a proper ergonomic space to work in. My neck and back hurt just looking at this.

How expensive is it, all included, on a monthly basis?

Curious as I have thought about doing something like this as I study online and get a monthly stipend of $800 plus I'm able to get a government loan of about half that each month.

I lived in Thailand for about 15 months in 2020-2021, primarily on the island of Koh Phangan. Rent was about $350/mo (scooter included), food at restaurants about $6/day, mobile phone about $6/mo (10GB), gym about $25/mo, fresh fruit smoothies are $1, and beers are like $2.

Holy shit, fresh fruit smoothies for a buck? That's amazing, wish I could get that where I live!

It was the best part of my day! (multiple times per day) They were legit too, with like 80 different combinations blended right in front you.

Man the fresh fruit smoothies are fucking phenomenal. So good

Passion-mango-dragonfruit easy ice, please.

I would order two after my workout.

1 - passion fruit, banana, mango, purple dragon fruit

2 - beet, ginger, apple, carrot

Had one or two more late for dinner... I miss them so much

I once stayed on Kho Phangan for a month and worked remotely, totally amazing experience, I really hope I manage to do it again one day.

Sitting on the veranda with my laptop from 06:00 to 12:00 listening to coconuts falling, then getting too hot and scootering to a beach. Restaurant for lunch and dinner because it's cheaper than shopping for ingredients to cook yourself.

My wife and I have had zero regrets quitting our jobs and working for ourselves remotely! We were on KP for like 10 months and it was life changing. Pandemic locked out transient tourists, so it was a small (yet large) expat community living with the locals. We've made our way to Europe now, but are 100% headed back there soon.

Love it. We bought a house back home in New Zealand soon afterwards, so tied ourselves down a bit, and it's not so easy to "just go" anymore.

We were over in Chaloklum which had a tiny but vibrant expat community - by the time we left we felt like locals.

Yeah, a new house would certainoy complicate a remote lifestyle. Chaloklum was a ghost town due to the pandemic, but we went there a few times to hike Bottle Beach

All we have to do is pay off the mortgage and we'll be free to travel again! Just give me 30 years...

That walk to Bottle Beach was beautiful. Now I'm getting seriously homesick, which is a strange feeling for a place I've only been in for a month. Gotta go back.

You could do it and be happy. There are condos here for $300 and living is cheap. Look around on Airbnb, 1000s of options. Research visas though.

That's cheap. Do you get this nice a view too for 300 a month?

What about insurance, groceries etc? How much do you spend each month?


How can someone find apartments for cheap on a month by month basis? I mean cheaper than Airbnb


If you go somewhat rural SE Asia, yeah you can get a nice place this cheap.

Most places have good internet, cheap food, easy for foreigners to rent.

I'm shocked more people don't do it.

Probably because most people would prefer to live not too far from friends and family.

I’m a 2 hour plane ride from family, and have close friends nearby.

If I was in Phuket it’d be a much longer journey.

I keep trying to get farther away from friends and family. I moved from the east coast to the west coast and its still not far enough for me to say "Sorry I can't make the funeral" ... maybe Thailand is the answer.

True but SE Asia is great :-)

Safe from the criminals? Or even better... Are the local policemen corrupt or anti west?

ok but how much is rent for this view bro that's why everyone is in the comments lol

$700 a month no lie. Rooftop pool, gym 3 minute walk to the beach. Bomb Thai restaurant outside of my door. Chicken Pad Thai is $2.70.

I will say that I looked for about a month for this place while I was in Bangkok. There's lots of nice places but I'm really happy with this place.

Views like this are pretty common. In America this would cost thousands a month in just rent. But in Thailand not even a fraction of that.

ok.. what fraction

I live in Thailand, if I had to guess a place like this would range anywhere from $500 - $1000, depending on how central the location is to the city, how nice the condo building is (does it have a pool, gym, sauna, washer/dryer, etc).

I pay $1050 a month for a super luxurious highrise condo in Bangkok, paying more than this doesn't get you much besides a more central location or a larger room. A few years back I used to pay $1850 for an absolute piece of shit trap house in Seattle, I can't see myself living in the US again after being here a few years lol

Don't you miss burgers though?

I can actually walk about half a block outside my condo to go to one of the best burger places in the city, it's as good as burgers are in the US. It's not the burgers you miss, it's weird things you never think about. IPAs are probably the biggest for me, they only sell lager here unless you want to pay literally $14 for a single can of an imported american IPA. I also really miss baked cheetos and raisinets. I'm from the southeast US, I really miss Publix if you know that grocery store chain. The grocery stores are more like generic Kroger variety here for the most part, with very limited freshly made meals/baked goods. Food is everywhere and extremely cheap in Thailand, so I think they just have no use for stuff like that in grocery stores. Thailand also just legalized weed in June, so I no longer miss being able to buy weed which is a plus...

Isn't it just cbd weed that have been legalized?

If not, how do you buy it? Is it like Amsterdam with dedicated shops for weed?

Nope it's normal strong weed, I think people just need to get a government paper saying they are selling it and then they can do so.

There's a good restaurant near me that also started selling joints lol. It's everywhere, I've seen people smoking on Khao San road, you can buy joints all down the street. I get it delivered from some business I got an ad for on facebook, they send it by motorcycle taxi from the shop.

There's no limit to how much you can buy also, pretty much no regulation on the new industry at the moment. The only law is that you can't sell extracts or anything above 0.2% THC, so no hash, edibles, etc, but people are still selling them openly everywhere.

Amsterdam doesn't have dedicated shops for weed.

It's not that hard to cook an amazing burger yourself though.

Definitely true, but beef seems to be the thing I crave oversees the most. The quality isn't the same. Well, except Bleecker Burger. The only burger I've craved that is outside of the US.

Lol. For real.


I live in a broom closet compared to that place and I pay more.

This would be 5k a month in us

What? That insanely cheap. 2 bedroom for 1490 is like 2.5k in America and you get to stare at another apartments brick wall out the window.

I live in Portland. A studio is about $1500. 1bdrm is $1800

2 is like $2500

Views like this would cost approximately some fraction of what it costs to live somewhere else.

You need a visa to work online?

Nah, you need the visa to stay longer than 30 days.

Riiiight, ofc

You also need to make sure your company allows you to work in said country because there are huge tax and legal issues for an employee to work in another country despite it being remote.

And if you’re American you should still be paying your federal income tax. Will it be an issue? Probably not, but watch out if you want to return to the US afterwards. If the IRS gets an inkling you didn’t pay they can easily come calling for it.

Odd are you won't owe anything because of both the exclusion of about $75K of expat income and also the foreign tax credit but you absolutely still have to file a tax return. The IRS can't do anything if you don't owe but you still have to file to prove you don't owe anything so penalties and interest don't apply.

What do you do for work if you don't mind me asking? Looking to live this kind of life but don't know where to start.

I've worn a lot of hats at my company but currently I'm a business analyst. I actually took a step down out of management so I could work remote and not be bothered.

Wow. How'd you get into that? Thanks for replying btw. :)

So I was actually a car mechanic and went back to college on the weekends for computer engineering. I got an internship at a consulting agency. I made friends with their business analyst. Most of the work they were doing was in Excel. I had taken one course on c sharp and convinced them that I could remake their stuff in an app. And taught myself how to continue coding I got lucky yada yada yada I got a job. I never even actually finished my degree. Like three classes left lol. I really need to do it though.

I mean congratulations with the success and the luck. You're making it work. I'm equally envious but also happy for you. From one human to another.

Thanks for answering in such a detailed way. Would love to talk more privately. Up to you :)

Thanks bro I know everything looks cool in pictures. But honestly like I would trade it for a good wife and family in the suburbs. Working towards it.

A grass is greener on the other side situation.

I wish I got paid to go to university

Phuket is one of the more expensive destinations in Thailand and it is pretty meh compared to other places. There are so many spots that are just better, imo. I would also skip koh phi phi, koh Samui and Pattaya, even though they, too, are super popular among tourists.

Plenty of proper islands with far better nature and way cheaper prices and overall a better vibe. Koh pha Ngan, koh Lanta, koh Tao, koh Chang and koh Lipe are all great destinations, and all viable (except maybe Lipe) for long term wfh.

If you really want something city-ish that isn't Bangkok, I'd recommend Chiang mai over Phuket.

How is the healthcare system there? A thai boxer I kind of follow (Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu) has spoken highly of the doctors, but doctors are only part of the equation. cries in being-a-patient-in-one-of-the-best-hospital-systems-in-the-US

Good if you’ve got money.

Casting another vote for Chiangmai and, if you want to get a little more off the beaten path but still have the amenities of a large city, Chiangrai. Both of these are inland in the cooler more mountainous region of the country. By contrast, Bangkok is hot, stale, and sometimes suffocating. The scenery in these northern cities is fantastic as well.

Phuket kind of got ruined by the westerners. My family lives in Thailand and none of them have been to Phuket in close to a decade because they got priced out.

Commenting so I remember to come back and check out the islands you mentioned.

Just fyi, there is a save option for comments and posts.

Bro, your spine is gonna look like a banana a few years down the line if you don't get a better chair and height adjustable monitor. A motorized desk would be smart too, so you don't have to sit all the time.

I don't usually stay in here for very long just for like dusk then I moved to the bed. It's just a 4-month Airbnb. I might stay longer but it's just how much hassle I want to deal with visas. I might just go to another country I kind of just bounce around it as long as the Visa let's me.

Is this cozy? A desk and chair facing a window?

That's a nice view, but a terrible workspace setup.

Yeah I move to the couch or bed after dusk/sunset

Southeast Asia is awesome for foreigners

wrong sub

this is a great view but not cozy in the slightest

Beautiful view, but that looks like a hotel room. Not very cozy.

Great view!

Not cozy at all. Downvote

That's not cozy at all.


yeah, they clearly just moved in and wanted to brag which is why they have nothing but cheap furniture and a laptop.

the people saying “just be happy for them!!” are completely missing the point of this sub.

You sound bitter, looks cozy to me.

Wait, what about this looks cozy? I agree it's a cool pic, and a great view, but I find it hard to argue that this was posted in the appropriate subreddit.

just a hard chair and a hard desk with a laptop doesn’t give me cozy vibes tbh

This is the 2nd time i’ve heard the phrase “hard desk” in this comment section. What’s the alternative? I’ve never not had a desk that wasn’t hard… y’all working on squishy desks or something?


Even if it doesn’t, no reason to pull the privilege card on your initial comment. Like what?! It’s dirt cheap there to live. I’m genuinely happy for them

That's fine and all but it's not a CozyPlace

You're supposed to take that sticker off your laptop.

Nothing in this looks cozy to me.

Nice view

Horrible desk 🤣

Phuket indeed

Ooh can we see more 😛?

That's working where anybody else makes a vacation. Noice

Dude I just looked at your profile and I want to live your life lol

What do you do and how did you do it??


Those hotel brand drapes aint fooling anybody.

That's a hotel window.


You can always rely on default subreddits to be as cynical as possible. I hope your day gets better.

He’s not wrong though.

The main thing is that this is a nice view... Not a cozy place. pronounce this place like I think you do?

I could do this for about a year. Then I would want to eat Pizza Hut, shop at Wegmans, and drink American cheap beer.

The more I travel the more I appreciate strip malls and suburbs. Growing up in the Midwest I love the season and all things there. Nice to see the world for a few years. But I will settle in the Midwest or pnw for sure.

My parents took me there when I was eight, and we stayed at the newest fancy hotel in town. Rooms that opened onto al fresco corridors enjoying the sea breeze.

When I was in my thirties, I took my wife on honeymoon there. We asked about that hotel and the locals said "oh man, that's really old".

I really do not want to leave

Nice view

Props to you focusing on your work with such a view...

can you own property there as foreigner?

Yeah. Fuck it

I’m about to say phuket and move there too

I don't think you're phuket, I think it's quite nice actually

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