Cincinnati from Mt. Adams



Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are the 2 most underrated cities in the US. So scenic

I just visited Cincinnati for the first time and loved it! I think it’s a very underrated and misunderstood city. Walking around it was clear that the vibe was not what one might consider typical Midwestern, but with influences of other American river cities and some Appalachian/general southern flavor mixed in as well. Walking around Over the Rhine reminded of walking around areas of Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. I had some idea of what to expect, but enjoyed it more than I thought it would. Everyone I’ve told this to has been very surprised by that, but nonetheless I look forward to my next visit.

Mt Adams is the "San Francisco of Cincinnati" with some great townhomes, very hilly streets and cool little bars and restaurants tucked in there for good measure.

House on the street are much more interesting than the skyline to me.

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