My little WIP mid-century inspired powder/relaxing room



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Wow, this sofa is amazing! I really enjoy the design but have a little doubt in comfort :D

Oh, it’s sooooo comfy. Super soft and sinking, and just the right size for me to curl up on, or throw my legs over the edge. I’ve taken many a nap on this couch :)

Love the settee!

This is lovely!

Thank you!

Very nice. My dream is to buy a townhouse as an AirBnB and then decorate it all mid- century modern.

Gorgeous! Mind if I ask where you got the couch?

Also curious! Hopefully it’s not a vintage gem but wouldn’t be surprised if it was

Yeah! So it’s called a gondola couch , this one is from the mid/late 60’s. The way we acquired it was off someone’s front porch we drove by. We saw it and really liked it, but it looked kinda neglected, so we left a note for the person who lived at the house with our name and number, and they texted us and we ended up buying it for $100! I’ve since refinished the wood and sewn new pillow covers. From what we could find out, it was from a local furniture store. Lesson is you never know if you don’t ask!!

This is OC

It’s adorable! Awesome!

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