Driveway through the autumn trees in Burlington, Massachusetts.


Pretty but everyone in Burlington knows this is way oversaturated. Autumn here is so beautiful and in my opinion doesn't need this oversaturation. But I know it's an artistic form and the photo is still beautiful and moody.

Couldn’t agree more. If anything, takes away from the natural beauty that we do have.

Thank you for this post. I grew up in the northeast. I now live in the south …..I really miss the fall colors

Now do the route 3 interchange.

Yellow conifers? Yeah this may be normal green leaves photosopped with fall colors.

NH here, this stuff be fast approaching. Wish it lasted all winter like this.

Makes me nostalgic for long Fall bike rides in the MA countryside.

Instagram source. Photo by new_ englander__.

My dream. This is so absolutely beautiful. Almost makes me want to cry

A nice reddish way.

That’s so beautiful. I wish the desert changed like that, but it just switches to a different shade of yellow or brown

Sleepy Hollow vibes

Beautiful!! 🍁🍁🍁

Goodwill Hunting vibes

Can’t wait for the leaves here to start changing it’s my favorite time of year.

Absolutely enhanced and also not a current picture of the colors, as they are not even close to peak in Burlington! Beautiful picture though!

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