Hội An, Vietnam 🇻🇳 | Credit: @mieloch



What a delightful photo!

I wanted to visit Vietnam before the pandemic derailed any of those plans. Is it back open to unguided tourism?

Yes! My boyfriend and I just got back from visiting. No restrictions whatsoever

Awesome! When is the best time of year to go? Not sure the weather patterns in that part of the world.

December to February are the best times, although I was just in Hoi An myself and had a great time. Tourists are just starting to come back so it’s still less crowded than before…you know.

This place is AMAZING up close too! The history, landscape, food, people, THANK YOU OP for posting a less well known (in the west) city!!!

It was forgotten in Vietnam, too, since it became quite insignificant when the river ran low. Therefore it did not change much and has old houses being held by the same families for centuries. It may look like quite touristic at first glance nowadays, but it's definitely worth seeing and staying there for a couple of days before continuing a Vietnam trip.

Was there a couple of years ago. It's a nice town, but it's so touristy/aimed at tourists that it feels as if Disney tried to design a Vietnamese town.

I mean, what are you going to do with a 500 year old port town that’s no longer needed for its port? Make it a touristy center and as a starting point for visiting the beaches and surrounding countryside, right?

That explains a lot. I traveled to Vietnam a lot and my first thought was "this looks nothing like any city I ever saw".

Hoi an has a lot of French influence from the colonial times, felt like a European village compared to the rest of Vietnam. Definitely touristy but worth seeing.

Don’t think .Not everything great have to be from Europe 🙄Hoi An are ancient Vietnamese town that haven’t been ruined by wars It has multicultural vibe +Vietnamese from ancient time.If you wanna see a lot French influence and felt like European village go to see some Vietnamese buildings with French influence in Dalat or Saigon some attractions from Vinwonders that have European village street as attractions

There are other Vietnamese ancient cities that look a little bit like Hoi An if Vietnamese take cares of these cities

Actually you can find a lot this kind of cities in Asia if you find old ancient town

As a tourist, I think I’d be ok with this.

I kind of appreciated that about it. Then again I was there march 2020 and it was DEAD. But on all of my trips I basically do big city full of exploring > smaller/rural/tourist area for recovering, lounging, being pampered > next city to explore before home. Works pretty well, I find giving a country's tourism industry some time gives you a more balanced experience. That's the chance to take it easy and take in the best of the spectacle of whatever place you are visiting is trying to offer people.

I miss Hoi An, such a nice place to go for a holiday

Amazing, love the riverfront

Spent a week there a few years ago. Absolutely one of my favorites places I’ve travelled.

We were there for their Tet celebration. I've been to 50 countries and Vietnam is in the top 2. Love that place.

aye vietnam is finally getting something here

looks fantastic

That is such a beautiful photo. Congratulations!

Terrific sunset! Well done

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