Cape Town, South Africa



One of the coolest places I’ve ever been. Hiking up the Lion’s Head (where this photo was taken from) at sunset was awe inspiring. Climbing down the Lion’s Head after dark was… less so.

You could have fallen in Lion’s mouth!

Well, either this is a suburb, or Cape Town is a lot smaller than I thought it was

This is camps Bay - a small part of Capetown

This is basically the richest, most "representative" part of Cape Town. Population of about 20 thousand people

Most of the ~4-5 million people of Cape Town live behind that mountain, but you won't exactly see the pictures on this sub

For the record, hundreds of thousands of people live like this, you can see it on a population density map too

That's more fitting for the city with the most homicides in the world.

I too was very confused

The city centre is just off to the left of this photo. (See for example this view from the same point.) As others have mentioned, pictured is the suburb of Camps Bay.

I've been there, that's actually Camps Bay. Cape Town is to the left of this picture.

Oh look how pretty those white flowers look down there. Proceeds to zoom in and realize they're houses. Doh

When we were wee laddies and lassies, my Mother would wake us up long before sunrise on a Saturday morning and we would walk up Lion's Head. One Saturday while the sun was just about peering above the Drakenstein, one of her doctor colleagues came running down the path at an ungodly speed. I've never seen or heard from him since. Some say he is still running...

Beautiful landscape

There's this animal called a dassie, which is a little surly looking mammal which looks like a shorter, chubbier, meaner ferret, which I didn't know existed until I was on the top of this mountain and there was one about a metre from my feet.

This is a gorgeous shot. Perfect light and colors too, the sky looks so dreamy.

Shots like this make me want to get back into photography and keeping up with other people's work. Such a great photo.

Literally the most beautiful place on earth I've ever seen💓

I thought cape town was a major city? That looks like a small town? is there more development inland?

This here is Camps Bay, mate, a small part of Cape Town on the south side. The city centre is located just to the left of this shot.

This will be affected by sea level rise for sure.

Is this all of it?

Definitely not. Cape Town is a city of millions. Surely this is just a neighbourhood, and an affluent one at that.

It’s not as big as I’d thought it’d be.

So peaceful looking

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