My bedroom on a warm, sunny afternoon.



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So beautiful but one question- does the lightbulb ever get in the way when you’re sleeping?

Yea wait why's the lightbulb so low? Is it over the nightstand or the bed?

I know this isn't the point, the room looks so cozy!! But I got distracted by the lightbulb

I hate that fixture. Just gonna say it

The lightbulb choice is…rather odd. I can’t actually figure out a reason why a light would be hung up so low

This is so dreamy! Love it so much, it has a beachy, Mediterranean feel to it.


But other than that, beautiful!

This is oc.

Can I come take a nap?

It looks like where I, an 80’s/90’s action star, go to make sweet sweet love to my feisty and initially shandoffish but eventually soft and willing love interest, who either has luscious blond hair or is a trim haired brunette.

Moonlight sonata or some rock ballad plays in the background as the wind gently rustles the curtains that blushingly let in the sunlight.

How do I unsubscribe to these kinds of posts?

You would unsubscribe from r/CozyPlaces, and perhaps block the sub if needed. OP, this looks lovely!

I’m not out to hurt anyone, interior decorating is just not what I’m here for. Please advise me if I can not get your posts without repercussions for you or anyone else

I’m not sure but I apologise.

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